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May 22, 2024

CNSI – Cuban Cigars & Bankrupcy?

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On July 31, 2013

In our last article regarding a MD based company, Client Network Services Inc, we exposed numerous facts & documents to refute claims from the Senior VP -Legal Counsel Ms. Harris, as it relates to the solicitation of Illinois HFS executives Stephen Deepooter, Anity Corey, Theresa Eagelson, Wyona Johnson, Eppie Dietz and arrangements with the state of Michigan that appear to have circumvented procurement laws.

Ongoing investigations on our teams part has yet again reveled compelling information that should send shock waves to each and every person in this state.

Some of our investigative materials have been turned over to the proper authorities in this this article and in our complaint to authorities we referenced the receipt of Cuban Cigars by HFS executives.

We submitted this FOIA and guess what? They don’t deny receiving the cigars but of course downplayed the claim to 2 cigars instead of a box (staying below the threshold set by the gift ban act) and only one person received them even though our sources have confirmed otherwise.  What is so odd with this claim is that of 4 people at the dinner it was only the former interim CIO Anita Corey who got cigars according to HFS? (FOIA Response)

Another interesting twist to the dinners that they have now confirmed the State of Michigan paid for, is their travel vouchers.   Those vouchers reflect an out of state per-diem of $32 for the day of that meal including dinner.  See page 26 of 91 on the Travel Guide for the State of Illinois.

So why are We The People paying them per-diem for a dinner they acknowledged they never paid for?  Is that not some form of fraud on a travel voucher?

Now that they have confirmed receiving gifts from CNSI how does that cross with CNSI’s claim they are not soliciting Illinois?  Why would CNSI be giving Cuban cigars to Illinois executives?  Better yet, what kind of a company buys gifts for state employees, takes them on a private boat when they are supposed to be at a conference and allegedly sent bottles of wine to the Medicaid Administrator Theresa Eagelson while claiming they are not soliciting the state, all while spouting a claim of bankruptcy concerns in court in another state?

“You’re going to bankrupt my company,” an angry Unglesby said of CNSI during a hearing in Kelley’s 19th Judicial District courtroom.

Why is Illinois doing business with CNSI?   By all indications – To avoid a lengthy procurement process that was designed to stop the illegal and immoral activities of vendors and stop the corruption.   CNSI and the state of Michigan Karen Parker appear to be the masterminds in this process.

If you haven’t read the article published by the Advocate in Louisiana you may want to:

By all indications our reporting is proving to be spot on and as more is uncovered more concerns get raised.  It should prove quite interesting to see how all the investigations pan out and how those independent efforts bear out compared to our work.  We are confident that the Truth has no Agenda and only more exposure of that truth will tell us the whole story.

In fact, in just this short investigation we now have proof of State Agencies not providing requested documents that did in fact exist!  Proof in the form of the very documents themselves, received months later from another source.  Does anyone think the denial of our FOIA request for the 4 people named in the Michigan dinner was an accident?   It was only after informing another agency of whistle blower information that another agency turned over the travel vouchers for those 4 people.

As we gather and confirm additional information in hand we will bring regular updates on this story and soon we will release the full investigative notes and materials.  We have offered HFS OIG Bradley Hart, Attorney General Lisa Madigan and the Executive Office of Inspector General an open invitation to sit down and review the materials that have not been published yet.   We are hopeful that their own investigation will simply confirm everything we have and they will correct the problem…………………..but then again this is Illinois! 






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  • Darlene Justice
    Posted at 10:57h, 01 August

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  • Joe Scheiner
    Posted at 13:02h, 01 August

    What happened to the cigars is what I want to know? Who smuggled them in to the country? Can I get some as it would be much easier than a trip to the Caribbean or Canada to get them.
    Ha guys keep up the investigations hopefully some day you will have nothing to do.

  • mobarbq
    Posted at 14:07h, 01 August

    Govt officials can accept Cuban cigars as gifts? #cigars #Cubans #IL

  • Kirk Allen
    Posted at 19:02h, 01 August

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