Iroquois Co. Board Recommends Termination of FIPHD Director


Today’s meeting of the Iroquois County Board (**Finance Committee**) consisted of three separate executive session topics culminating in a motion to recommend that the FIPHD Board remove Mr. Doug Corbett from Administrator of the FIPHD in the most efficient means possible.


Update 6/7/2013:

I understand that Ford Co. may vote on this in the near future and the FIPHD Board will also vote on it within the next week or two.

Update 6/11/2013:

I understand that today, Iroquois Co. Board voted to recommend to the FIPHD Board that they terminate Doug Corbett’s employment.

It passed with 15-1 vote.

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    • To justincase: It was the Finance Committee. Maybe you should check facts before you correct others.
      What really matters is the fact that Iroquois County Board members (no matter what committee they serve on) are trying to clean up the messes that Mr. Corbett has made with our tax dollars!
      I applaud the Iroquois County Board Members!