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Chandra Smith Pleads Guilty to Class 1 Felony Theft –


On May 22, 2013, Chandra Smith, former bookkeeper at the  Edgar County Health Department, plead guilty of amended Class 1 Felony Theft Charges. We previously reported in these articles about the situation when she was officially charged in mid-Oct of 2011.

From Judici: 

Deft enters a plea of guilty to the amended information (Class 1). After admonition, plea accepted. Judgment entered thereon. Waiver of Trial on file. PSI ordered. Cause set for restitution hearing 6-26-13 at 9 a.m. and for sentencing hearing 7-26-13 at 2:30 p.m. Deft OTA.

Sentencing hearing set for 7/26/2013 at 02:30 in courtroom 1.

55 – Restitution hrg  06/26/2013  9:00 A.M.  GARST  
16 – Sentencing hearing  07/26/2013  2:30 P.M.  GARST  


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  1. It’s about time, so who will try to buy her way out of this situation? Hope Judge G. places a sentence on her that will make others think before they decide to steal money from those they are suppose to be serving. Now we need to get the senior bus money theft cleared up.