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April 17, 2024

Leadership Defined! – Video Iroquois Co…

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On May 17, 2013


Just over 3 months of investigative work has lead to some of the most amazing illegal activities in Iroquois County.  If you’re just joining us, you can find quite the laundry list of reading material on the subject at this link.  Iroquois County

What has been most amazing to me during this brief time frame is how the power of 1 person not only can make a difference but IS making a difference!

How many times have we heard that your just one person, you can’t fix it or make a difference?  I’m here to tell you that is not only a cop out but the furthest thing from the truth.

One local activist, Barbara Offill,  was involved in her community in Iroquois County and people knew she could get people in contact with those who could help make a difference.  That one person, by being involved with her local government reform, was one of the key players that lead to our getting involved in this county.  From that one came two more, and now we are clearly seeing people standing up for their rights and freedom and leading instead of following.

As many of you know, when we get involved we dig for the documents and uncover the truth to the public by not only naming names but publishing the documents to support what we are saying.  We have become an outlet, a voice for the people.  We gather and disseminate information.   That information comes from, more often than not, a single source early on.  Many times from within the public body itself as well as your neighbor down the block.  People are getting involved and we promise to continue being there for them in every way we possibly can. 

We know the power of 1 person! 

One only look at all the corruption we have exposed with just a single public body in this county to see that there is a lot more work to do.  Doug Corbett is clearly on his way out as no person with half a brain could allow this to continue. With still more illegal acts to be exposed we are confident Mr. Corbett’s days are numbered.

We are also confident that in the days to come you will see more and more people standing up to this thug and demanding justice and accountability.

Accountability to the law, not to a political party or ideology.  What we are doing is not about Republican or Democrat, Left or Right, Progressive or Conservative.  It’s about right and wrong.  It’s about Truth.

The more people understand the trouble times we are facing and realize that they in fact can make a difference the more they will get involved.   The rule of law is pretty simple to follow but it appears without leaders we get what we have.

The one woman who was there for her county made a difference!  The County Chairman willing to demand accountability and not lie down on the job is making a difference!  I assure you, soon, you will see even more men and woman standing up for what is right and taking the right steps to fix what is broken.   It’s similar to that first woman who had the courage to stand up and say she was abused by a particular adult when she was younger.  That courage, many, many times, gives way for dozens of others to step up and report the same has happen to them by the same person.  I am confident that is what will happen in Iroquois County!  I see it happening just by the tips we get!

As you will see in the video, one particular person, Mr. Hasbargen, provides a perfect example of why the system is broke.  The fact that his wife works for the Health Department, according to Open the Books,  just “might” be a factor in his totally baseless attacks against the County Chairman.

What this man fails to realize, no matter how mad he gets, no matter how childish he acts, facts don’t lie and his presentation had nothing but his opinion with no foundation of truth.  It’s actually sad to see.

The truth has no agenda and I challenged him and everyone else to prove our reporting wrong.  Sooner or later people like this will realize we are nothing but an outlet for the good people in our communities and its the facts they need to disprove.


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  • Silent Majority
    Posted at 23:12h, 17 May

    I made a few phone calls this evening and asked some questions about Doug Corbett. You can’t imagine the things that I learned. Frankly, I was shocked. He has intimidated, bullied and even lied to his own employees. Unethical behavior is common with him. Obviously, he is not a positive influence in our community. His word is worth nothing. He needs to be removed before more damage is done. I sincerely hope that the Ford County board of health members step up and stop this power hungry, unethical man. Ford and Iroquois counties have been through enough because of his poor judgment and his lies.

  • Same ----, different day
    Posted at 23:19h, 17 May

    Board of health members,
    Please look beyond the messenger and look at the message!
    Look at what Mr. Corbett has done!
    Please help the health department and stop helping Doug Corbett. HE is NOT the health department!

  • Grateful
    Posted at 00:30h, 18 May

    I simply want to say “Thank you” for exposing the wrongful actions of Doug Corbett. I am sick and tired of people like him who never seem to be held accountable. Keep going, watchdogs! Maybe eventually the Ford County folks will finally admit that they were wrong and actually do something about Doug Corbett.

  • Gibson area citizen
    Posted at 06:33h, 18 May

    Let me just say this. If the people of this community think that the FICPHD board of health members are going to do the right thing, you better think again. I personally know 2 of them and they would rather go down with the ship than admit that they were wrong about Corbett.

    • jmkraft
      Posted at 08:57h, 18 May

      You cannot cling to a sinking ship forever, sometimes it’s a hard lesson to learn.

    • an upset patient
      Posted at 21:13h, 18 May

      Well, I just found out that Dr. Brucker is one of the ones who is empowering Mr. Corbett. You can bet your sweet tooth that I’m finding a new dentist!

  • Darlene Justice
    Posted at 08:39h, 18 May

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  • smoked
    Posted at 15:34h, 18 May

    Doug Corbett must go! He has more dirt on him than you can imagine. I do know the watchdogs are on the right trail and I am betting their next story on this peice of dog crap will be over the top! Keep sniffing dogs! Your hot on the trail of major issues!

  • Daryl J. Marietta
    Posted at 04:57h, 19 May

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  • Mary Davis
    Posted at 05:09h, 20 May

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