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July 20, 2024

Adonna Bennett, why is the Truth so hard for you to tell?

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On May 17, 2013


UPDATED with more audio clips (at the bottom).

During the May 7, 2013 Airport meeting, Adonna Bennett and Jimmy Wells both made statements during discussions on the business lease currently being worked on.

Adonna stated that Mr. Mlacnik, IDOT Aeronautics, stated that it was a requirement for the lease to be looked at by them prior to it being signed, and Jimmy Wells made the statement that the t-hangar leases were approved by the fed, state, and local officials.

My questions to both of them are: To what extent are you willing to go to, through lies and deceit, to further the purely personal agenda of Chris Patrick? Have you no shame? Is it worth dragging your own names into the cesspool he has created? Do you really think he won’t throw you under the bus when there are no more lies to tell?

Glen, do you believe them? If so, please resign and don’t even show up to any more meetings. You probably helped make that one up. If you can’t see by now you are being used, you don’t deserve a seat at the table.

Mike and Ben, what about you? I would hope that even you can see through the lies by now. I know, you aren’t on that board anymore because your backstabbing illegal attempt at a motion failed. Your intentional stalling the progress of the lease failed miserably also. Has the light bulb turned on yet?

The idea that anyone would even entertain the idea of believing what Adonna and Jimmy said about the lease is laughable. I knew before they finished the sentences that they were not telling the truth, and I knew who put those ideas in their heads.


On May 11, 2013, I submitted two FOIA requests to IDOT Div of Aeronautics and to the FAA seeking: Copy of any letter, rule, policy, statute, or law that requires the FAA or IDOT Division of Aeronautics to review and/or approve a business lease between the Edgar County Airport and RSB Aviation or any other FBO. I also asked for the same information in reference to t-hangar leases.

Their answer was no surprise to me!

The Response

“The requested records are not in the possession of the Illinois Department of Transportation. The Department is not aware of any “letter, rule, policy, statute, or law that requires the FAA or IDOT Div of Aeronautics to review and/or approve a business lease/T-Hangar lease…” prior to execution. The Div. of Aeronautics’ review, which is conducted upon request, is limited to compliance with grant assurance requirements.”

There you have it, it IS NOT a requirement as Adonna and Jimmy have stated, in an open meeting to the advisory board. Jimmy should be fired for lying to the board. Adonna just needs to resign in shame.

One more question for you Adonna, do you really think anyone believes that you “talked to several airports” and they are getting a percentage of the gross of business leases? What airports did you talk to? What people at those airports told you this? I don’t think you will answer because you didn’t talk to any that do this and it is yet another lie.

For those that are not convinced of what was actually said during the meeting, here is a little audio clip of Adonna during that meeting:

Adonna lies about IDOT

Adonna and Jimmy lie about the FAA


FOIA request with response from IDOT
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