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UPDATE – Adonna Bennett – Airport Secret Ballot –


The Attorney General’s office has issued a 21 day extension to the time-period in which to issue a binding opinion on 21013 PAC 23358 and 2013 PAC 23376 – the Secret Ballot used by the airport board to recommend Adonna Bennett to the county board to fill a vacant seat on the airport board.

The issuance of this letter does not guarantee a binding opinion, but it does appear they will issue one.

This would mandate Adonna Bennett be removed from the airport board and that airport board schedule another meeting to select a replacement for a vacant seat, and recommend that name to the county board.

View the letter here.
[gview file=”www.edgarcountywatchdogs.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/Secretballotext.pdf”]

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  1. Good Point, Del, but that brings to mind another question: Are we paying Craig Smith to represent Chris Patrick, when it ought to be the state’s attorny?

    • I do not believe we, the county, are paying for Smith to represent Chris Patrick. We are currently watching for any payments made from public funds for this purpose, but I don’t think Smith would expect payment from the county after the ETSB incident…

  2. Question – thanks to ECWD – there is so much that is wrong here in Edgar County, which has probably been going on for many many years. So we – the tax payers are now getting an idea on just what is going on, getting involved (thanks to ECWD) and demanding accountability. So – if a County board member needs the assistance of a attorney – for something they have done wrong while in office – they would have to pay for an attorney out of their own pocket – right? Which raises another question. Does anyone known what is the compensation for an elected official, benefits, etc and for how long, that we the tax payer are paying for.