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April 25, 2024

Conflict of Interest, the Rest of the Story!

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On April 8, 2013

In Never Never land, the fabrication of tails knows no bounds.  That’s the way it’s suppose to be in such a place.  Like the story books we read to our kids when they were young.  They were “stories” to entice the imagination and interest their minds.

Are things any different in the world of Edgar County Never Never Land? It would appear not, as old faithful, Chris Patrick, has told yet another whopper of a story that took some time to follow up on and get the truth.  Rest assured, the fabrications know no bounds and this one was taken clear to political figures in Springfield in what appears to be an attempt at bringing pressure from the politicians down on IDOT.

That might have worked, but I suspect now that they know the “whole” truth it probably has backfired and solidified IDOT’s position.  Only time will tell.

During a recent highway meeting, Mr. Patrick made yet another statement in an attempt to support his actions of delivering materials to the county shortly after taking office.  Sadly, yet again, his statement doesn’t hold any water.

Audio of his quote
“It’s no different than when the county, he complains about the concrete that went to the county in Vermillion, no different, there were contractors out there doing a job and we wanted to do a little more, so they did it”.

We?  Who is We Mr. Patrick?

“We” wanted to do a little more?  That would place Mr. Patrick right in the middle of the project and partaking in the decision making process, wouldn’t you agree?

As far as the contractors out there doing a job, let’s be clear on the facts of that, Mr. Patrick, as it relates to what you told key political figures representing Edgar County in Springfield.

The contractor that was doing the work in Vermillion had FINISHED his contracted job that involved IKE money.  The project you provided materials too had NOTHING to do with the pre-approved IKE funded project.  That contractor was done and pretty well packed up and gone. Pretty well because some equipment was yet to be moved out.

The highway department rented equipment and labor from that contractor to perform a COUNTY MAINTENANCE job.  It was not part of the main federally funded contracted project, nor was it simply a matter of doing a little more as Mr. Patrick so clearly claimed.  It was an entirely different project Mr. Patrick, and as you said, “WE” wanted to do a little more implies your direct involvement.

The fact is, you have selectively left out key elements that change things dramatically as it relates to you, your IDOT identified Conflict of Interest, and what you communicated to our representative in Springfield.

You make no mention at all about the materials you supplied to the county for the Brouletts Creek project, which was yet another county maintenance job and performed by county personnel, not by rented personnel or equipment!

I suspect the only reason you mentioned the Vermillion project was because you thought you could tie your excuse to the contractors working the IKE funded project as your cover, since it was some of those people who performed the tile project in question under a county maintenance program.

Sadly for you, there were two projects in Vermillion, and the one you were involved in supplying materials to was a county maintenance project not required to be bid out and not part of the contracted IKE project as you have tried to imply.

The statement Mr. Patrick makes of his action being “No Different” is one that I encourage everyone to take note of.  I questioned him at length in the end of this meeting.

He has NEVER been able to provide an answer as to who authorized the purchase of Ready Mix from his Company at the Airport.  Not a single form of accountability, yet we know he billed the county and was paid over $7,000.00 for those transactions, all while being in charge of the Airport.

So Mr. Patrick, when you say the issue as it relates to your Ready Mix sales to the county in December  is  “NO DIFFERENT”, are we to take that as it’s no different than what you did at the airport?  Stating it’s no different means nothing without defining it.

It is nothing but a diversion because he never states what it’s no different than.  We can only assume it’s no different than what he did at the airport because that is the discussion that lead to his misleading comment.

Misleading because he fails to tell the whole truth on matters.  A pattern that appears to be building.


  • Zimmerly Ready Mix billed the county, not a contractor. If he was supplying material for a contractor as he claims, why would he bill the county? Proof of billing
  •  Zimmerly Ready Mix was paid three times in January, after Chris Patrick signed his recusal letter. Acceptance of that payment constitutes a contract based on case law.   Proof of payments
  • The Vermillion Tile project was a County Maintenance job, not an IKE funded contractor performed job.  Labor and equipment was rented by the county to perform the work.
  • The Brouletts Creek project was a County Maintenance job and it was county personnel that performed the work. No contractor involved, rented or otherwise.
  • Ready Mix was delivered directly to a county project with no contractor involved at all and billed to the County.
  • Three year span of the Airport paying for Ready Mix supplied by Mr. Patricks company and not a single shred of authorization for those purchases can be found.
  • Mr. Patrick was in charge at the Airport during that time as the Chairman of the board.
  • Mr. Patrick was the Chairman of the County Board during the two projects he supplied materials to.  County projects!

How does a person sleep at night when he claims the very board he sat on was, Advisory Only, when all the facts prove otherwise?

Mr. Patrick has been exposed.  He clearly provided, billed, and received payments for materials that someone ordered at the Airport.  With Mr. Patrick in charge as the Chairman the buck stops with him.   The problem for him now is facts don’t lie and the Truth has No Agenda!

Mr. Patrick, you have refused to provide answers to valid questions.  I believe because those answers establish clear violations of the law.  You have refused  to inform the public regarding public funds received and used.  You have opened up a bank account with the County Tax ID in total secret, other than Jimmy Wells, and have clearly been evasive and some would say intentionally, on more issues than we can count.

Mr. Patrick you have violated the peoples trust and for the good of this county you should resign. 


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  • Figured that would happen
    Posted at 12:20h, 08 April

    Hmmm, do you have good info on the political SOBs trying to influence dot? I think that was predicted to happen. Out the SOBs so we can call them and tell them what we think of their collusion with the, what do they call it, the network ? We need to let them know that their favors to a FEW are not appreciated by the MAJORITY.

  • Blake Stiff
    Posted at 12:24h, 08 April

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  • Angela Mason
    Posted at 12:24h, 08 April

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  • Kirk Allen
    Posted at 13:09h, 08 April

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  • Del
    Posted at 13:40h, 08 April

    Resign?! Only half way there for him to resign. Edgar County self serving politicians need to understand, things have changed. There will now be accountability – how about starting with Patrick.

  • Sandy Richey Hissem
    Posted at 20:39h, 08 April

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