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Word Play – Stooping to a new low…


With all the “confusion” surrounding the Airport and the Certificate of Deposit that was gifted to the airport by the late Jack Asher, we just had to clear a few things up. We will use Chris Patrick’s own voice to illustrate the FACT that the CD did exist and was gifted to the airport.

Listen to the Audio of the Feb 11, 2013 County Board Study Session and hear it for yourself! It’s only 42 seconds long. To top this all off, Chris “Mr. Character” stated today that we have it all wrong and “there is no CD”. Of course there “is” no CD now, because you already cashed it in. I noticed he did not say that there never was a CD…A full accounting of the public funds is all we are asking for. If everything was “above board” there would be no need for the secrecy Mr. Character thinks he must keep.

– The CD was gifted to the airport as noted in the airport meeting minutes

-The airport board voted to take Jack Asher’s name off of the CD and put names of Chris Patrick and Jimmy Wells on it, as noted in the airport minutes

-The existance of the CD was never revealed to the Edgar County Treasure until we inquired about it

The Checking Account

If that wasn’t bad enough, we have now confirmed there was a checking account that was also kept secret from the Treasurer. This account was in the name of the Edgar County Airport Committee – with the bank account number of: 13234825. The only 2 people authorized on the account were Chris Patrick and Jimmy Wells. From all appearances they were running their own little financial operation out there – without the legal authority to do so.

After we requested the transaction history report, the account was magically closed, on February 21, 2013, and the funds deposited into the Airport Capitol Fund – where it should have been all along.

There was a check written in April or May of 2011 in the amount of $14,101.08 – I submitted a FOIA for a copy of the check, see, there we ago again, having to file another FOIA for information that should have already been provide, but instead a coordinated effort to keep public documents from the public. This creates more work for us, more work for the public servants at the airport, more work for the county clerk, and more work for the county treasurer – all because Mr. Character thinks he is above the law.

We will provide an update when more information surfaces.


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  1. Wonder how the family of donator would feel about cd being cashed and put into secret checking acct. for their own private use? Funny how some people think that money donated to an public enity for use to improve that enities benefit think that that money is for a persons own personal use.

  2. Looks like another cover up to keep themselves from prison…..when will enough be enough for the county to take a stand against this crap