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April 18, 2024

Does Someone Have a Problem with the Truth?

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On December 22, 2012


During the last county board gathering at the highway department, I was asked that instead of throwing rocks I should come up with some ideas that help the county.  Those brilliant instructions came from the current County Board Chairman Chris Patrick.

I guess he doesn’t realize you can’t fix anything unless you know what’s broke so  for starters, the best thing to help fix this county is going to be honesty!  Honesty from its Chairman on ALL matters.  Sadly, it was evident in my last article that Mr. Patrick appears to be “honesty challenged.”

I think the second step to fixing things is going to be leadership.  Leadership that actually knows what the heck they are doing!  I say that because it is clear, from less than a month in charge, Chris Patrick either cant read, doesn’t want to read, or is delusional of the truth.

This is a man that has been in charge of the Edgar County Airport for years and on that board for over 25 YEARS!  When asked what state statute they are following for the airport he had no idea!  How do you run an airport and not know what statute to follow?  Hardly the leadership the airport needs. Fortunately, he is no longer running that, however now he is attempting to run the County.

Third step would be for Mr. Patrick to resign from the County Board before we are put into any more peril!   His past actions clearly point to either incompetence, or a blatant disregard for operating under the law.

I think it is a disregard for operating under the law.  His comment pertaining to airport leases made it clear at that meeting he thinks “Industry Standard” is the way to do things, not compliance with the law.

Mr. Patrick, Industry Standard is not a statute nor a position for the operation of our government.  What is permissible in the business world may not necessarily be allowed in the world of government, which you are now a part of.

For example, in the business world an executive can abstain from voting on certain matters which if they had voted, could be be a conflict of interest if they had a personal financial interest in that matter.   That is Industry Standard and does not apply in Government.

As was pointed out in this article, we operate under specific laws that are designed to protect the public from self serving people who get in positions of power, and then make or potentially make decisions by voting on something that they have a direct or even indirect interest in.  That is the Law, and it’s clear a conflict of interest exists as it is even recognized by the Department of Transportation.  If there wasn’t a conflict why would they have informed him that their was?  He KNOWS there is because he is scrambling to find a way around it!

The BEST way to eliminate the Conflict Mr. Patrick? 


This brings me to the most intriguing part of my research over the last couple of days.  You see, I told Mr. Patrick at that meeting one of the things that could be done to improve things in this county is to reinstate the lease with RSB Aviation, as it is NUTS to see how that is being handled.   I was clearly informed that I need to do my homework with the implication that I am missing something.  Interesting that not one person on the board is willing to tell me what we are missing?  Mr. Patrick just implies I don’t know what we’re talking about because we don’t know what he knows, yet he won’t talk?  Hardly the Leadership this county needs, but regardless, I kept digging!

It appears, and I say that lightly because no one wants to go on record, the issue Mr. Patrick has with RSB aviation is somehow related to an issue of Workers Compensation Insurance.  A claim, supposedly, has been made that RSB does not have any workers compensation insurance.

It took me all of one day to determine if this claim has any truth to it or not.  Any guess as to what I found out?


 So if you’re one of those that has been informed by Chris Patrick that RSB Aviation doesn’t have Workers Compensation you might think about who you want to believe on all future comments from him!

And considering the e-mail I received also pointed out that “the premium has decreased”, it is clear he not only has Workers Compensation, but must have had it before, otherwise how would the premium have decreased?

When people tell me to do my homework I do just that!  I have established the truth on a subject that I am betting several County Officials have been, let’s just say, misinformed on by Mr. Patrick.  Of course this is all based on unofficial claims that Mr. Patrick has made such a claim.  Won’t it be interesting to see how this one plays out?

I wonder if Lisa Gill, reported live-in girl friend of Chris Patrick and Edgar County Airport employee,  is operating within all the rules of the state in her business, which appears to be at least partially operated  in some fashion from county property!  More on that breaking article as time permits!



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  • xxxxxx
    Posted at 15:15h, 28 December

    We want to see the proof you speak of…all we are hearing from both sides
    is words…show us tangible proof or its just words…we dont care about

  • xxxxxx
    Posted at 15:16h, 28 December

    post that email…

  • Kirk Allen
    Posted at 19:13h, 28 December

    Click on the Confirmation link above and it pulls up the document proving he
    has workers comp. What other info you want proof of?

  • Bill Holbrook
    Posted at 06:23h, 02 January

    To XXXXXX,
    I run a business too and I get a document just like the one posted here.
    Chartis is a long standing Aviation Insurance company that does provide
    workers comp ins. If Rusty has that document he has insurance unless
    cancelled, you can contact the company yourself if you don’t believe
    and they will confirm coverage.