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May 20, 2024

No milk for your child here!

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On November 23, 2012


Just when you think you have seen it all, up jumps the devil and assures you there is more to come!

Asinine Behavior -Utterly Stupid or Silly

Intelligence –  Having the faculty of reasoning and understanding

Stupid – Marked by a lack of intelligence

When you’re done reading this one I assure you, all will agree a lack of intelligence lead to asinine behavior supported with clear stupidity!

As always, we will start with the statute!

Nursing Mothers in the Workplace Act

"An employer shall provide reasonable unpaid break time each day to an employee who needs to express breast milk for her infant child."

Now comes the Asinine Behavior by yet another Edgar County employee.

We were informed last week that the Edgar County Airport Manager, Jimmy Wells, had banned a baby from the airport because the mother, an employee (and wife of a business owner) of a private business leasing space there, was breast feeding. He said he considered it “unprofessional” and a county airport employee was complaining.

So if this is the case, would Mr. Jimmy Wells be preventing a business from complying with the law?

Let’s go one better ! 

Right To Breast Feed Act

"A mother may breastfeed her baby in any location, public or private, where the mother is otherwise authorized to be, irrespective of whether the nipple of the mother's breast is uncovered during or incidental to the breastfeeding;"

    "Private right of action. A woman who has been denied the right to breastfeed by the owner or manager of a public or private location, other than a private residence or place of worship, may bring an action to enjoin future denials of the right to breastfeed. If the woman prevails in her suit, she shall be awarded reasonable attorney's fees and reasonable expenses of litigation."

If Mr. Jimmy Wells did in fact take this action as the Airport Manager he would be violating state law himself and be subjecting Edgar County to yet another lawsuit.

During the County Board Meeting on the 21st of November 2012 the Grandfather of the breast feeding child read this statement.  (Video of the meeting and the reading of this statement coming soon)  The prepared statement came after Mr. Bogue spent well over a week trying to come to an agreement with the airport manager and the airport board.

Where this article gets interesting, as if this isn’t over the top enough, is the fact that prior to the county board meeting we had been informed of what had happened and the source providing us the information was told, by one of the County Board members that was at the airport meeting, where the subject was raised by Jimmy Wells.

Interesting because during the county board meeting I confronted the board as to their knowledge of these events and all four that were at the airport meeting DENIED anything like this was ever discussed.

Did I say FOUR?  Yes, FOUR County Board members were together at an Airport meeting discussing county business yet no posting of a COUNTY BOARD meeting was anywhere to be found.  More on that violation of the law later!

The four present denied any breastfeeding issue was discussed yet a person who was there when it came up was disturbed enough to prepare a statement and read it to the county board and even contact an attorney in an effort to resolve the matter.  So who is telling the truth?  Based on the track record of our elected officials, I tend to not believe much they say anymore as they have lied so many times we can’t keep track.

It would appear that Mr. Jimmy Wells doesn’t know how to be honest about certain things as well.  You see when all this hit the fan this week, John Kraft stopped by the airport and provided a Freedom of Information Act request for some records, of which ALL LEASES was included.

Upon reading that request Mr. Jimmy Wells took it upon himself to inform John that they don’t have any leases.  Interesting position to take Mr. Wells when just two days later you send this letter to RSB Aviation, who happens to be the father of the breast feeding baby! If you don’t have any leases how is it that you reference a lease in your letter to RSB Aviation?

I wonder if Mr. Jimmy Wells is familiar with 720 ILCS 5/32-8?

“Tampering with public records. A person who knowingly and without lawful authority alters, destroys, defaces, removes or conceals any public record commits a Class 4 felony. (Source: Public Act 77-2638)”

Telling us he doesn’t have any leases when in fact he does would be concealing a public record! 

All indications are, that after the Grandfather of the breast feeding baby read his statement to the county board, a clear retaliation against his son Rusty Bogue, owner of RSB Aviation, is being pursued.  Pursued in a manner that just might jump up and bite the county in the back side!  I say that because Mr. Jimmy Wells was dumb enough to inform Rusty Bogue that had he not contacted the Watchdogs (he never did, we contacted him) and his father not read the statement to the county board and not gotten an attorney involved none of this would have happened.

None of what Mr. Wells?  The Board Members claimed nothing happen so what exactly is it that never would have happened?  You see, it’s pretty tough to keep the truth suppressed when so many people are involved.  Even harder when those we can’t trust are stupid enough to circle the wagon and claim nothing took place.

It’s not as if certain members of the Airport Management and Board members aren’t familiar with illegal acts.  For example, Chris Patrick, a recently elected County Board Member is the Chairman of the Airport Board and Vice President of PEDCO, which none other than Bobby Colvin is the President. Interesting company he keeps isn’t it!

Chris Patrick is currently one of those that IDOT is investigating for getting a driveway on the taxpayers dime.  He had no comment when confronted at the county Board meeting on that issue so I guess he will fit right in with the rest of those who have mastered the phrase of “no comment”!  It’s been reported to us that he is living with his girlfriend who works at the airport.  I wonder how she got her job?

Airport Board member Dale Barkley just happens to be the Paris Township Road Commissioner.  You may remember these articles here and here.  It’s clear, breaking the law doesn’t seem to bother these folks.

Verlin Funkhouser, outgoing County Board member, also sits on the Airport Board and he is the very board member that assured me he would look into the gun running of the past sheriff, as we can’t have that.  He has not looked into anything in that regard so I can’t believe anything he says other than he did notice the dirt in the corners of the court house floor and felt the Sheriff wasn’t getting it clean enough.

Kevin Trogdon, another outgoing County Board member, also sits on the Airport Board.  Kevin has mastered the path of silence when confronted with facts that put him in the front and center of questionable actions.  Failure to put farm ground out for bid comes to mind and to this day, no bid notice has gone out.

Karl Farnham, yet another County Board member, was present during the Airport meeting however he is not on the Airport Board.  So what was Karl doing there?  According to our sources it was his chance to talk to some county board members to figure out who the next County Chairman is going to be, which is something that is supposed to be done in public but breaking the law doesn’t bother Karl, as long as the statute of limitations has passed.  At least that was the only concern regarding the guns he sold illegally when he was sheriff.

Ben Jenness, yet another County Board member, was also present during the Airport meeting.

It has become clear that certain people in this county think they can do what ever they want, to whomever they want, and get away with it.

Well I have to admit, I never dreamed I would be willing to fight like hell on a breast feeding issue, but fight I will.  The nerve of a County Employee to try and ban a baby from a Public Airport over Breastfeeding, and then implement clear retaliation when exposed, is yet another example of why We The People have to step up and get involved.  This has to stop!

In an effort to shine some light on this we have contacted several TV news media outlets as well as the Illinois Breast Feeding Task Force!  Yes, there is actually a Breast Feeding Task Force!  Lets see how Jimmy Wells and the rest of the Airport board suck on that one!










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  • Angela Mason
    Posted at 21:19h, 23 November

    Ignorant. But what do you expect?

  • Edgar County Watchdogs
    Posted at 21:33h, 23 November

    That’s the problem, they did just what we expected…

  • Dennis Cary
    Posted at 21:49h, 23 November

    Dennis Cary liked this on Facebook.

  • The joker
    Posted at 06:04h, 24 November

    Edgar county new low, trying to shut down a business
    for no good reason. Just keeps getting worse. Do they
    understand that RSB Provide 5 or more people with jobs
    around here? They also contribute a lot to the aviation
    world from giving lessons to working on airplanes.
    That airport was nothing until RSP moved in. Sounds
    like old Jim Bob might be a little jealous, i sure
    can’t see any other reason. Go RSB I’m sure a lawyer
    would look at this and laugh! Jackpot another lawsuit
    against the county! What a JOKE, who does Jimmy think
    he is?

  • jmkraft
    Posted at 08:26h, 24 November

    Message we received that compels us to answer:
    “so (Name withheld) called and said some board members
    met to discuss some issues so where is it against the
    the law to meet and discuss things give it a break”
    The answer can be found in the statute, (5 ILCS 120/)
    Open Meetings Act, and defines a “meeting” as any
    gathering of a majority of a quorum (this would be 3
    county board members in our case) where there is
    discussion of public business – the meeting must have
    a notice and agenda posted at least 48 hours in advance
    of the meeting.

    “Any gathering” means in person, through email chains,
    consecutive telephone calls, forwarded/replied text
    messages, coffee shop, breakfast at restaurant, etc…
    where public business is discussed.

    It is the responsibility of each board member to comply
    with the law – all they had to do was walk out – but
    they chose to break the law.

    Each County Board member present committed Class C
    Misdemeanor – not that the State’s Attorney will do
    anything about it – but the fact remains: they broke
    the law.

  • Kirk Allen
    Posted at 08:34h, 24 November

    If there is ever a reason for the people to stand up
    and fight back, this has to be the top of the list!
    For a man to think he has the power to stop the most
    basic right a mother has is enough to piss off the Pope!

    Make this story go viral and everyone attend the next airport
    and county board meetings!

    Call you representatives, news media, facebook etc.

    This must be stopped!

  • Kirk Allen
    Posted at 09:33h, 24 November

    Kirk Allen liked this on Facebook.

  • Edgar County Watchdogs
    Posted at 09:33h, 24 November

    Edgar County Watchdogs liked this on Facebook.

  • jmkraft
    Posted at 12:45h, 24 November

    Another message rec’d:

    I’m glad you have jeff voight to tell you everything
    What happened he wasnt invited to airport so he called
    you john


    My reply:

    If that’s what you think happened, then you need to
    wake up. I’m not going to say who did call us, but I
    know he didn’t. Were you one of those in attendance?

    You need to start concentrating on doing the right
    thing instead of trying to hide every thing you do…
    Get some sleep and quit worrying who is talking to
    whom – if you follow the law and do what’s right, even
    though it might be harder than cheating, things like
    that won’t bother you so much.

  • Edgar County Watchdogs
    Posted at 15:44h, 24 November

    I think Jimmy forgot that intimidation by a public
    official is a Class 3 Felony…

  • EJ Bozarth
    Posted at 15:38h, 25 November

    The Airport Manager should be sternly rebuked and
    issue a public apology. Jimmy Wells’ arrogance and
    insensitivity, let alone his grasp of business sense
    and character, defy understanding. Absent his reversal
    of this ridicules position he should be removed from
    his position.

  • Tim F.
    Posted at 21:19h, 25 November

    Yet again Chicago politics puts a black eye on good
    business owners. Just sad that Mr, Wells and elected
    officials are so incoherent and this inexcusable.

    • jmkraft
      Posted at 21:32h, 25 November

      Par for the course here in Edgar County.

      What bothers me most, is that I knew what they
      were going to do before they even did it.

      Nothing surprises me anymore around here.

  • Rusty Bogue
    Posted at 21:33h, 25 November

    Rusty Bogue liked this on Facebook.

  • BD Spencer
    Posted at 21:47h, 25 November

    Lack of intelligence leads to asinine behavior supported
    with clear stupidity, well said! Didn’t their Momma’s
    teach them to always tell the truth? This is how things
    get way out of control. A simple, I didn’t know, I’m
    sorry… please exercise your rights and feed your
    child as needed would have ended this quietly and
    quickly. Stupid people afraid to get caught when
    they are wrong, and now the lies built up until it
    didn’t make sense. And they got caught anyways! LoL

  • Graham B
    Posted at 22:24h, 25 November

    It is clear Mr. Wells wants to make everybody else’s
    business his. Mr. Bogue, who I have personally known
    since the name Lewinsky was on the news every night,
    is a man of extremely good character, honesty,
    forthrightness, steadfastness, and a model citizen and
    business owner. He is to be commended for defending
    his civil rights against a compensating bully. I could
    instantly….just off of the top of my head, think of
    at least………eight people who would jump in front
    of a bus for Mr. Bogue. He is a man to be revered in
    business and fatherhood. IT is BEYOND TIME…that all
    of us right thinking citizens regardless of political
    persuasion or stripe, stand up and say enough is enough
    to cronyism, crookedness, and disgustingly ignorant and
    dangerously unliberating behavior by OUR………PUBLIC.
    When we go about our daily lives without the interference
    of others, guess what…. nothing adverse happens. Mr.
    Wells, sadly is just the latest example in what appears
    to be the tentacles of the nanny state of Chicago and
    the rest of the Hussein crowd intruding onto people who
    simply want ONE….SIMPLE …..THING…. to go about
    their daily lives, run their businesses, raise their
    children, and contribute to our society, our country,
    and our fabric. What an uncommon, common…….. notion!!
    This, if nothing else should educate, inform and underscore
    the fact, that…. Just because someone has an "R"
    next to their name on a ballot or affiliation, may not mean
    much. Remember that thing about Liberty?? … then, the
    pursuit of happiness??? Rusty, having known you for so
    long, I can only say, everything since you could shave has
    turned to gold! You contribute in the best possible way
    to your corner of Edgar County, and the world. You are a
    worker whose ethic is beyond question! It is your right to
    raise your child in your fashion, so long as you don't ,
    (not that you ever would) do anything adverse. Mr. Wells
    and others on the board might be well advised to seek inner
    guidance as to how they have demonstrated their actions in
    just these affairs, rather than enforce vis a vie dictum how
    others should conduct their affairs. Mr. Bogue is an asset
    to Edgar County, the City of Paris, and Illinois. To play
    tiddlywinks over one of the most natural acts on Earth,
    WILL…. without question negatively affect the economic
    outlook of Edgar County, when….THEY CAN ILL

  • joe henderson
    Posted at 22:36h, 25 November

    rsb is an asset to airport & edgar county they
    provide employement , revenue for the county and
    provide an outstanding service & work ethic for
    the aviation world these are only a few of the things
    they provide off the top and these are every hard
    to find in this world anymore its a shame when you
    work so hard to do the right things that there are
    people out there that will try to destroy a good
    thing and break laws doing it sound like the airport
    may need a new manager that will work well with
    companies that makes airports grow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    one question i have where would the airport be
    without rsb ???????????????

  • Del
    Posted at 22:59h, 25 November

    no wonder Edgar County has a problem bringing in
    new business. “Unprofessional” to breastfeed a
    child at work?! Then terminate (or try to run
    out of town) RSB which employees 5 or more not
    to mention the revenue their business would
    generate from their customers who visit Edgar
    County Airport. Someone needs to be terminated
    – and that would be Mr Jimmy Wells and anyone
    who supports his insane idea

  • ken schultz
    Posted at 00:38h, 26 November

    i live in az.and have been to edgar co airport and
    also spent money in your city.i did not know there
    was so many small minded people in that city rusty
    and his staff is an asset to edgar co. airport and
    if he is not there i will go to a different airport
    and city for my needed services. GROW UP PEOPLE OR

  • Anotherfaceinthecrowd
    Posted at 01:53h, 26 November

    Mr. Wells needs to pack his things!!! The only reason
    edgar county air port is still operating is because mr
    bogue is there!!! Sending an eviction notice to one of
    the few revenue earning businesses left in our county
    would be an extremely hard hit!!

  • Allin Lawrence JR.
    Posted at 06:01h, 26 November

    This kind of stupidity is exactly whats wrong with
    this country today,
    I think sometimes airport managers are there so long
    the think they own it and it belongs to them. I know
    Rusty and others at RSB aviation and consider them to
    be very professional and im sure they are well liked
    in the community.

  • L G (Bud) Schoenleben
    Posted at 06:32h, 26 November

    Wow! Sounds like the airport manager is acting like
    Adolph! They need to sweep this guy out the door and
    get a manager in there that has some common sense.
    I’ve known the folks at RSB Aviation for several years.
    I’ve been to their business at the airport & spent
    some money with them. I don’t know how I could have
    been treated any better than I’ve been treated by Rusty
    and his people. And now they want to bury him??? Get a
    grip! Send Rusty, his family & his business over to
    our airport in Ohio where we need more like him. We
    would welcome him and his family with open arms!

  • ern Knoc (Emeritus Faculty, IN State University, Aviaition Dept.
    Posted at 07:22h, 26 November

    Sounds like a restriction being imposed on a lady
    breast feeding her child in an apparently lawful
    manner (there appears to be more than “meets the
    eye” in this ridiculous situation). Also the
    “gun running” and other allegations are a bit beyond
    my initial understanding in reading this. Let’s get
    to the bottom of it and let the chips fall where they may.

    Good grief, who hasn’t seen a mother breast feeding a
    child? Let’s get real about the culture in which we live

  • Kent Hutchins
    Posted at 07:34h, 26 November

    In the world we live in, it is difficult to find a
    business and business operator that are entirely
    trustworthy and genuinely friendly. When I find
    such a person, I take my business to him, regardless
    of distance, because I place a great deal of value on
    being treated fairly and with honesty and integrity.

    Although I live in Indiana, Rusty Bogue and his
    staff at RSB are the only people I trust to service
    and maintain my aircraft and I know others that share
    this same opinion.

    Rusty possesses the ultimate “can do” attitude while
    taking on all tasks with a positive energy and a genuine
    desire to help customers, clients, and visitors. His
    upbeat personality and engaging personal style enables
    him to interact effectively with both the public and
    his staff.

    During my frequent visits to the Edgar County Airport,
    I have seen firsthand the improvements made since RSB
    has located their business there. I am not suggesting that
    RSB Aviation should receive exclusive credit for these
    improvements, but I will say that Rusty Bogue and his staff
    are excellent unofficial ambassadors for Edgar County, doing
    what they can to ensure that visitors to Edgar County and
    the airport have a pleasant experience.

    It is my hope that the people with the power to resolve
    this issue will do so quickly and responsibly so that the
    energy now being wasted on this topic can be redirected.

  • naomi gates
    Posted at 07:51h, 26 November

    As a woman, I am appalled, breast feeding done
    modestly is a beautiful thing. Nobody complains
    when you give a bottle to a baby. Feeding is

  • Tracey Lyons
    Posted at 08:20h, 26 November

    I have flown in and out of Edgar County Airport on
    business via RSB Aviation on numerous occassions.
    Edgar County Airport is lucky to have Rusty and RSB
    Aviation as a tenant. Rusty and his staff are
    professional, friendly, and above all provide an
    excellent service. To retaliate against RSB Aviation
    for standing up for a blatant disregard for the law
    is wrong and reflects negatively on Edgar County.
    Really, over breast feeding! It is Edgar County’s loss,
    as the people who fly with RSB Aviation will follow them!

  • Chris Talbot
    Posted at 09:53h, 26 November

    This is one of the most ridiculous subject matters
    that I have ever heard of……especially at Edgar
    County Airport. Edgar County Airport is a small country
    airport in the middle of nowhere that is suppose to
    portray that mid-western honesty and charm along with a
    warm family atmosphere. I am a former employee of RSB
    aviation and can say without a doubt that Rusty carries
    out those attributes on a daily basis. I can also say
    with compete confidence that having Rusty and his business
    at the airport is probably the best thing that could
    happen for that place. The quality of service that he
    provides for the community and the professionalism that
    he displays in doing so in operating his business is
    without a question the life source of that airport. I’ll
    tell you what isn’t professional, an airport employee,
    not an RSB employee, sleeping in the recliners watching
    soap operas in the common area where everyday business
    is being conducted. Rusty and Ann have treated me like
    family and have helped me on my aviation career path.
    To find that MJ has been banned from the airport because
    she has loving hardworking parents that want to provide
    for her in any way they can is appalling. Jimmy Wells
    should be ashamed and embarrassed that he has done this
    to the very people who have done so much for the very
    airport that he depends on. Good Luck to the Bogues’,
    I wish you the best in rising above all this stupidity.

  • Don Marshall
    Posted at 10:18h, 26 November

    And that’s why I hate politics. People making idiotic
    decisions that effect everyone OTHER than themselves.

    • CC
      Posted at 22:14h, 28 November

      “Edited by Admin” (No personal attacks – stick to the subject
      in the article) – the other option would be to use your real name,
      giving the subject of your rants an opportunity to defend

      Edited Comment:

      xxxxxxxxxxx Speakig of “People making idiotic
      decisions that effect everyone OTHER than themselves”
      is the POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK. xxxxxxxxxxx is not one
      able to make such a comment as he is no better than those
      in article. He is all about HIMSELF.

  • Jon Bozarth
    Posted at 10:46h, 26 November

    This is unreal! That airport would be an absolute
    ghost town without the hard work and dedication to
    general aviation that RSB Aviation, in particular
    Rusty Bogue and his family have put in over the years!
    A little over 3 years ago, I met Rusty and his wife
    and have yet to this day found 2 people so dedicated
    to making a small town aviation business succeed! In
    the past 3 years I have seen an airport that resembled
    nothing of an active airport with little to no traffic,
    grow into an exciting airport to be around do to the
    activities created by RSB Aviation, and Rusty and his
    family! Pretty black and white who is in the wrong here!!

    I am team RSB for sure!

    • casi harris
      Posted at 12:48h, 26 November

      hey jon! hope all is well!

  • Travis Brown
    Posted at 12:39h, 26 November

    There is not much I can say that hasn’t already been
    mentioned in this article or the comments below it, so
    I’ll skip the derogatory stuff. I just want to support
    Rusty as an excellent man and father. I have known
    him since birth and can speak for his character. Many
    people (myself included) have had to leave Edgar County
    to chase dreams, but Rusty brought his dreams home. In
    the process, he brought business to a county that is
    mostly losing young people. Rusty, and his family, should
    be lifted up for everything they are doing.

  • Tamara Bogue Voris
    Posted at 12:58h, 26 November

    Stay after this. This is not a “political” football for
    one side or the other ….it is a matter of law! Simple
    as that!

    So, when she ( baby Bogue ) is seeking high-office
    possibly President one day she will have a great story
    to tell about her enlightened home town…and how far we
    have come in the treatment of women and women’s roles
    in society and the workplace. Hope that this matter
    is quickly corrected according to the law – and I hope
    these issues will be resolved, work wise, “lease wise”
    and lead to a more civil environment in the end. There
    is an opportunity for my hometown to do the right thing
    in the year 2012, before this story goes VIRAL and gets
    really blown out of proportion (Jon Stewart, Steven
    Colbert, Jay Leno, FACEBOOK etc.).

  • Matt Watson
    Posted at 14:07h, 26 November

    If this was anywhere near a larger city, there would be
    civil rights lawyers beating down Rusty’s door. This is
    an open and shut case of a county employee making uneducated
    decisions without any regard to the laws.

  • Kyle Cook
    Posted at 14:40h, 26 November

    I still have a hard time believing an airport manager has
    time to come up with such absurd rules against the only
    business at Edgar County Airport. Unquestionably, RSB
    Aviation is responsible for growing Edgar County Airport
    with a revenue generating business. He has created a
    home for local airplane owners who use his maintenance
    and flight instruction service. He has multiplied fuel
    sales from near $0 to their present values. (A fuel farm
    that can’t keep up during peak season) He has brought in
    revenue from owners who aren’t based at Edgar County airport.
    Some of the most important for a small town. RSB Aviation,
    Rusty Bogue, and his family have been responsible, without
    question, for creating the fastest growing airport in Illinois.

    Dear Jimmy, I sincerely hope you will retract your statements
    and issue an apology to RSB Aviation. I believe these statements
    have come without thought. This is an issue that will not stand,
    and Baby Bogue has support in Edgar County, and all across the
    United States. This is bigger than small town politics at the
    airport on Saturday mornings!

    RSB Aviation will, without question, be successful.

  • Jim Cox
    Posted at 16:08h, 26 November

    I must admit that I’m completely confused about the information
    in the article no milk here, and the movement to eliminate Rusty
    Bogue from the Paris airport. Rusty is one of the smartest, most
    dedicated, and hard-working people I have ever met, and I have
    met a few. He seems to have boundless energy, and as far as I
    can see, he is one of the primary reasons that the airport functions
    so well. He has personally impacted my life, allowing me to attain
    a pilots license, and have an aircraft to fly. Without his effort
    and encouragement I would be one of the majority of student pilots
    who give up in the quest to get a license. I can’t imagine what the
    airport would be without his presence, and I appeal to you to
    reconsider your decision to terminate his lease. Jim Cox, Danville

  • James Lee Cox
    Posted at 16:17h, 26 November

    I must admit that I’m completely confused about the information
    in the article no milk here, and the movement to eliminate Rusty
    Bogue from the Paris airport. Rusty is one of the smartest, most
    dedicated, and hard-working people I have ever met, and I have
    met a few. He seems to have boundless energy, and as far as I can
    see, he is one of the primary reasons that the airport functions
    so well. He has personally impacted my life, allowing me to
    attain a pilots license, and have an aircraft to fly. Without
    his effort and encouragement I would be one of the majority of
    student pilots who give up in the quest to get a license. I can’t
    imagine what the airport would be without his presence, and I
    appeal to you to reconsider your decision to terminate his lease.
    Jim Cox, Danville Il.

  • Kirk Allen
    Posted at 17:21h, 26 November

    I think EVERYONE that knows this is WRONG needs to show
    up to the County Board meeting Monday the 3rd of December.
    The new board members get sworn in at 8am then their meeting
    is at 9am.


  • Lori Muller Bailey
    Posted at 17:53h, 26 November

    I am appalled that those in charge would act without
    thinking of the serious ramifications this decision
    will have.

  • Bill Holbrook
    Posted at 19:33h, 26 November

    I am very familiar with airport politics but this has gone past
    that straight to insanity. I don’t know how long this airport
    manager has been at his position but it sounds like he has been
    there way too long. I have know Rusty for many years, he is a
    business associate that i consider a friend. I have never met
    a man more honest than Rusty. He is easy to get along with, a
    pleasure to know and do business with. The City of Paris and
    certainly the Airport Board should know that they have a great
    asset in Rusty. He has done more for the local aviation community
    than anyone in years gone by. He is a fine business man who
    employees 5 people and provides a valuable service to hundreds
    more at the airport and surrounding community. Surely someone
    in this county realizes the revenue RSB brings in with the
    customers that travel to this airport just because of the service
    he provides. Wake up people, the revenue he brings in not only
    in payroll and fuel sales taxes, but car rentals, hotel room rentals,
    food sales at local restaurants. Gas for those rental cars,
    entertainment for those who fly in and a host of other revenues
    that you can’t see but are there each and every day. If the
    county or the airport board allows this to happen i will not
    spend another dollar in your town and i will tell each pilot I
    see on a daily basis to find another place to land because this
    place cares more about corrupt politicians than they do about the
    service RSB provides to the aviation community there. If Rusty
    needs me there to testify for him, i will be there and I’ll bet
    I won’t be alone.
    Just one quick question for the watchdogs about the person who
    complained about the breast feeding to start with. Was he an RSB
    customer or was he a county employee who was sitting in RSB’s
    break room drinking coffee instead of out earning the paycheck
    the people of the county were paying him.

  • B.B.Hay
    Posted at 19:35h, 26 November

    I have read the article regarding the Edgar County Board
    regarding a mother breast-feeding her infant. I find it
    amazing in 2012 that someone can be this ignorant. I am
    a Business Owner, and have traveled all over the U.S.,
    Europe, and Asia for the past 35 years. It is inconceivable
    to me that any FBO could have such an uneducated and
    primitive view point. Ownership of aircraft either short
    or long range requires substantial capitol and goes hand
    in hand with large investment of staff and upkeep. People
    who own aircraft normally have a common denominator of
    travel and exposure to a sophisticated world of varied
    cultures and traditions. If in fact the FBO is a profit
    motivated operation would it not make sense that the
    operators and management of such an operation would have
    the common sense to be intelligent enough to actually “Be
    in the year 2012” and have the sense it would take to
    “come in out of the rain?” This is such a ridiculous issue
    that at first one is inclined to laugh it off and move on….
    however that is not the case. The airport manager in this
    incident should be seriously composing a letter of apology
    to this young mother and father and figuring out how to keep
    the media and press from “perking up their ears” to such an
    asinine directive from any county appointed or elected board.
    I met the young mother recently and am impressed by the
    balancing act she manages in being a mother and commuting
    nurse and assisting her husband in his private business. This
    is the reality today for young folks trying to “make” it in
    a tough economy and are not only are they responsible parents
    and working adults,but they are a definite asset to any
    community in which they live and I would be proud to have
    citizens like this in my own community south of Atlanta. It
    appears with Social Media such a massive force in today’s
    world the folks on the Edgar County Board would take an
    intelligent and broad view of how foolish they must appear
    to the citizens of the community they live in and to all the
    folks like me who are now in the loop of such poor handling
    of what is one of the most normal things on the planet since
    the beginning of time. I sincerely hope more folks become
    involved in this issue, having lived in China for several months
    and having traveled all over the world….most of my business
    associates would be howling with laughter over such idiocy!!
    B.B.Hay Owner & Designer Dragon House Pearls Importer of
    Cultured Saltwater and South Sea Pearls

  • Aaron mckee
    Posted at 19:37h, 26 November

    This seems absolutely absurd. I wonder why Mr. Wells and
    David have such a problem with children. I ask the airport
    board and Jimmy; Is this what you really want? The airport
    to go back to the old ways, “a dead airport”. Which would
    actually cost Edgar County tens of thousands of dollars in
    lost revenue. Rusty as well as all of us other RSB aviation
    employees have always felt we are doing this not as a job
    but as a passion to grow aviation. Rusty especially, has always
    gone out of his way to do just that. Get more people excited
    about aviation and provide an environment to learn how to fly.
    It seems to me evicting RSB Aviation would be a step in the
    wrong direction. Maybe that is what David and Mr. Wells want.
    Less work, more soap operas and a greater dependence on taxpayers.
    Let alone talk about treading on mother’s rights.

  • Bryan Haddix
    Posted at 20:34h, 26 November

    What a shame that a grown man like Jimmy wells has to pick
    on a feeding infant. No one should have ask for his resignation,
    he should be too ashamed to ever show his face in this county
    again. But, at least with Rusty and his businesses gone ( no
    matter how much revenue they generate for the airport ),
    Jimmy’s employee can resume his sleeping position in the public
    lounge area. Good Luck Rusty.

  • Shawn Bennett
    Posted at 21:26h, 26 November

    Three years ago this month, I visited the Edgar County Airport
    to inquire about pilot instruction. It has been a livelong dream
    of mine to become a pilot. I was immediately struck by the
    friendliness, professionalism, knowledge, experience, and
    helpfulness of everyone at the Edgar County Airport. Everyone
    I met seemed genuinely concerned about the collective good of
    Edgar County, the airport, and aviation as a whole. Both Rusty
    and Jimmy were great ambassadors for Edgar County and aviation.

    Three weeks after getting my pilot’s certificate, I purchased my
    first airplane. Rusty has been exemplary his dealings with me.
    My conscience decision to spend my aviation dollars with Edgar
    County Airport and RSB Aviation is in no small part due to Rusty
    and his staff. I have made it no secret how I feel about RSB
    aviation. Because of my recommendation, a close friend of mine
    has purchased his airplane from Rusty and continues to have his
    maintenance done in Edgar County. Another close friend of mine
    has received instruction at Edgar County and has become my partner
    in the purchase of another airplane. RSB Aviation is my choice for
    all maintenance and aviation expertise. I literally have trusted
    Rusty with my life.

    I have been witness to Rusty’s contributions to the growth of the
    Edgar County Airport business. I have to believe that the increased
    activity at the airport attributable to Rusty has been a financial
    boost to the county. I do not believe that Edgar County will be
    better when Rusty and RSB Aviation is gone.

    While I am in support of Rusty and RSB aviation, I am also distressed
    by the villainization of Jimmy Wells, the airport manager. When I
    bought that first plane, there were no hangers available to lease.
    I wanted to base it at Edgar County, even though I live in Danville.
    As soon as a hanger became available, I was thrilled to lease it.
    Jimmy also has worked very hard to promote the Edgar County Airport.
    It was always my impression that Jimmy and Rusty were a team promoting
    the mission of the Edgar County Airport. To see them at odds is

    It is my hope and desire that emotions could cool, logic prevail, and
    that a compromise can be reached. Edgar County will be much better
    served if we can return to a time where Jimmy and Rusty are once again
    working together for the good of all Edgar County.

  • Rene Foli
    Posted at 21:46h, 26 November

    Jimmy and Rusty are both good people. There is something
    very wrong with this situation. All politics aside, let’s
    get to the real issues at hand. Jim runs a good airport.
    Rusty runs a great business. Seems to me that they both
    can benefit from the work each of them does to promote
    General Aviation.

    With all the problems that we aviators face in this present
    economy, do we really want to spend our time and money fighting
    over such trivial matters. Good God folks the future of KRPG
    is at stake here.

    Do we really want this to go further than it already has. I hope not!

    As I said earlier, both of these men are good people. In the
    past three years Rusty has done a tremendous amount of good
    for our airport. We need to moving in a positive direction.
    Evicting RSB Aviation is not the answer!This needs to be
    resolved quickly!


    R.A. Foli

  • Robert Bogue
    Posted at 06:13h, 27 November

    I’m disappointed by Mr. Wells actions. I hope that the county
    board recognizes that Mr. Wells’ actions have created a substantial
    risk for the county through the violation of numerous laws. I
    would hope that they do act swiftly to remove Mr. Wells, rescind
    the lease termination letter, and affirm the county position
    regarding access and use to all county properties pursuant to
    the law so as to further mitigate the exposure that Mr. Wells
    has created in this situation and others.

    Robert Bogue
    – President Thor Projects LLC , Author, Speaker, and Brother

  • Alan B
    Posted at 09:49h, 27 November

    Some apparently won’t be happy until the airport becomes their
    own private Wells/Patrick ghost town again. RSB, Rusty,
    employees, and associates, have made a real airport out of
    the place, and such a petty little complaint is trying to
    destroy what has been made by some hard working, down to earth
    people. Mr. Wells confesses to be such a Christian, and turns
    around and pulls a trick like this!!? Get over yourselves Dave
    and Jimmy, you’ll find out that there are real problems in the
    world, and the world could just give a “””” about your little
    petty concerns. Keep it up, and you will end up destroying what
    has been built, and Edgar County Airport wil cease to exist.

    Posted at 15:00h, 27 November

    I wish to express my support for Mr. Rusty Bogue and can only
    reiterate the many points that have already been stated; I have
    known and worked with Rusty for 10 years, and where Rusty goes,
    business flourishes. Before Rusty arrived, Paris airport was an
    unknown entity with very little activity and very little value
    to the community; now there is an active business which provides
    local jobs, pays taxes, increases traffic at the airport which
    further generates revenue for the airport (and therefore the
    county), local restaurants, hotels, etc. – and the airport manager
    wants to throw all of that away??!!! And do so by violating the
    law and illegally discriminating against breastfeeding? Care
    for a lawsuit, anybody??!!!

    As a member of my local airport board, I can certainly say
    that we would welcome and, indeed, consider ourselves lucky to
    have a business such as this one on our airport; to attempt to
    evict RSB Aviation and eradicate the many benefits and revenues
    it has generated demonstrates an incredible lack of care and
    concern on the part of the airport manager for the community
    that taxpayers’ dollars pay him to serve.

    I do believe, however, that this situation does certainly
    warrant a dismissal — just not the one originally intended!

  • Jarrid McLaughlin
    Posted at 23:12h, 27 November

    I’ve known Rusty Bouge since a I was a young teen
    nearly a decade ago. From day one Rusty showed himself
    to be a nothing less than a respectful, professional
    man with only the intentions of succeeding within
    the boundaries of the law.

    Rusty was a major asset to an airport near my
    home. If he had a dream or goal, he pursued it until
    it became reality. He now has an airport that’s
    prospering in a community that is in need of an up-
    standing, professional business. He does a great job
    at what he does.

    Let alone the attention the airport gives to the
    community, it has also given jobs to few that need a
    source of income. The fact of the lying officials and
    Jimmy Wells, goes to show the downward slope this
    world is on. To put down a great man, great family,
    and great business is something you should be ashamed
    for. I pray you all screw your heads on correctly,
    and decide to do what’s right. This is absolutely

  • Jamie Walters
    Posted at 09:28h, 28 November

    I have working in aviation since if was 16 years old.
    Worked for multiple airports, an airline and a Fortune
    100 aviation department. I have know Mr. Bogue
    professionally since 1999 and have never met anyone
    more knowledgeable and dedicated to the aviation profession.
    I have also flown into Edgar county airport hundreds of
    times and remember the state of the airport prior to Mr.
    Bogue’s presence. Is the economic condition of Paris and
    Edgar county so great that a business like RSB Aviation can
    be shut down by 4 or 5 public elected officials. Is anyone
    in Edgar county aware of the current depression in General
    Aviation. I fly into airports on a weekly basis that would
    love to have a business like RSB on there field. Do we
    realize that State and Federal spending is based on an
    airport’s traffic volume, employment opportunity, and
    local economic impact. All things that would be affected by
    the removal of a viable business like RSB. There is nothing
    about aviation that is cheap and contrary to popular belief
    the job of an airport is not to make money directly, but to
    bring money into a community by providing accessibility.
    Example RSB fly’s in a company’s officials that decide to
    locate a business in Edgar county that will produce hundreds
    of jobs and tax revenue to the local economy. Without this
    service they might locate in Terre Haute were they and there
    vendors have greater transportation access. These things
    happen on a daily basis. I know because I fly for a company
    that wouldn’t dream of placing a facility in an area like
    Edgar county if they didn’t have direct and efficient access
    via aviation to that facility. More than likely this has
    nothing to do with Children or Breast feeding. I’m sure someone
    has involved there personal agenda. There is no other
    reasonable explanation as to why we would be discussing
    voluntarily closing a business asset like RSB in the worst
    economy in 30 years. If RSB is forced out of business I will
    make it my personal mission to let every business, Aviation
    department and pilot I can know were the priorities of Edgar
    County lie.


    Concerned Aviation Professional,
    Jamie Walters

    • Graham B
      Posted at 19:28h, 04 December

      Nailed it.

      Right on Jamie

  • Jeffrey Morgan
    Posted at 19:10h, 28 November

    Obviously the breast feeding is NOT the main agenda for those
    opposing it! This boils right down to the almighty dollar.
    Rusty, I hear you are the Ace of the Base and more power to
    you and yours! I will stop in and see you one of these days


  • Colby Smith
    Posted at 18:03h, 29 November

    Ever since I started flying KPRG has always been that airport
    in the middle of a cornfield with no purpose and no reason
    for using. In the past few years Rusty Bogue and RSB Aviation
    have brought this airport to life and created an environment
    that invites pilots and the general public to use. Rusty, Ann
    and his team are more than just polite and helpful but also
    have the knowledge and passion for aviation that most airports
    would love to have. For the board members to overlook this does
    nothing but prove their true character. Do the board members
    and Mr. Wells truly care about the future of KPRG?

  • Kyle Dill
    Posted at 12:34h, 30 November

    This situation at Edgar Co. Airport was brought to my attention a few days
    ago. When I first read the article, I was shocked to say the least. It is
    very hard for me to believe that any educated individual would attempt to
    close a very successful business over the problem of breast feeding. The
    law states that any mother has the right to nurse her child while at work,
    this is common sense to most of us. But for a county employee not to know the
    law (and throw common sense out the window) is sad to say the least.

    I have been a part of aviation for 12 years and I have been flying professionally
    for 8. I know firsthand the kind of business and growth an airport can bring to a
    town. The amount of revenue an airport can generate is almost limitless and directly
    related to its staff and facilities. In my many years of flying corporate jets I
    have watched many eager businesses search for rural places operate and grow. The
    local airport plays a major role in their choice. I have flown into Edgar Co. Airport
    before and after RSB aviation was located on the field. I can say that the hard work
    and dedications of Rusty, RSB Aviation and his staff have transformed that airport.

    I can remember multiple times of flying into PRG (Edgar Co.) to find it looking like
    a ghost town. The few times I did locate someone in the terminal building, he was usually
    watching soap operas or sleeping. That has all changed in the years since RSB Aviation
    has been a resident at the airport. Now when you drive up or fly in, there is always a
    friendly face meeting you at the airplane. Someone who cares about making a business
    successful, and actually has pride in what they do (both of which seem to be sparse
    these days). Having professionals with a passion for aviation is a must at any airport,
    especially one as small as PRG. RSB Aviation has given people a reason to stop in Paris,
    and has generated the opportunity for businesses to utilize the airport.

    I have known Rusty for the past 13 years of my life. There are very few as professional
    and dedicated to what they do. He has put in countless hours growing RSB Aviation into
    what it is today. If you have ever met him you know exactly what I am talking about. I
    would do anything to help out Rusty, his family and his business; because I know he would
    do the same for me in an instant! That’s just the kind of guy he is. I find it almost
    impossible to believe that all of these problems that have come up at the airport have
    stemmed from the simple act of a mother nursing her child. I have read the follow up
    articles on this subject and it seems that there is an ulterior motive behind ending RSB
    Aviation’s lease at the airport. I truly can’t imagine that ending a lease of a successful
    business, which has a direct effect on a small business owner and countless families, is
    in the best interest for Edgar Co. Airport or the town of Paris.

    The bottom line is that Jimmy Wells clearly doesn’t have PRG or the city of Paris in mind
    here. It sounds like he has his own personal agenda and is trying to use his position as
    airport director to get it. If this really is about an employee nursing her child at her
    place of employment, then what Jimmy Wells is doing is ILLEGAL. Plain and simple. If this
    is about Mr. Wells and his own personal agenda, then I look forward the truth coming out
    and him being held accountable for his actions. I just find it sad that Rusty, his family
    and his business were caught up in the middle.

    Kyle Dill, Fellow Professional Aviator

    • Graham B
      Posted at 16:40h, 04 December

      Right on Kyle!!


      Fellow Professional Aviator!

  • B Dallman
    Posted at 15:56h, 30 November

    I have now read through all the posts on this blog and have to laugh …. Or at
    least I would laugh if it was not so ridiculous! I, like many of the other
    folks which have posted comments, have many take offs and landings at the Edgar
    County airport. I’d have to go back to my old logs to see, but as I think back
    about all the times I flew over there for crosswind landing practice, I think
    I may have only seen one or two other planes either in the pattern or on the
    ground. I admit that was at least 15 or 20 years ago – but it sounds like Mr.
    Bogue has done a very nice job of making a difference at the airport. It is
    my understanding he now flies charter flights out of the airport in his three
    turbine twins, has one or two crop dusters located at the airport, does high
    quality maintenance on airplanes from all over the Midwest and beyond …. Sounds
    like things are going very well.

    So one has to ask how or why could this situation possibly be occurring – it
    would seem to me that Rusty’s business would be exactly what any airport manager
    would dream about having on their field. Income from fuel sales, increased traffic
    counts, the ability of local businesses to have charter aircraft available at
    their beckon call – ??? Well, as one who now is living close to, and flying out
    of, a real nice Kansas airport looks at this overall mess, I would ask (and I think
    local folks to Edgar County should certainly ask) who is really behind pulling
    the strings of the airport manager? Who is it that really wants the space currently
    occupied by Mr. Bogue’s business. I’d suggest that this is the question that
    someone needs to get to the bottom of. Is it even an aviation related business, or
    is someone looking for volume space … so that they can either store something really
    big … or set up a manufacturing operation at rock bottom prices …. Or what else?
    Otherwise, I just don’t see how this could have exploded into the situation that I
    have now read all about.

    The possibility that someone else wants that space (either a friend or someone that
    has some level of power over the airport manager) to me seems to be the most logical
    explanation. The issue of breast feeding being offensive to an employee of the airport
    is so ludicrous that I can’t begin to believe this is what this whole mess is all
    about. If it indeed what is behind this mess though, then it does look to me that
    the County, if it allows this whole situation to continue, had better be checking
    its insurance protection and making sure their premiums have been paid …. Because I
    don’t think they will stand a chance if a lawsuit is brought against them. I would
    hope that county residents would really be angry if this ends up causing a claim
    against the county – although through the actions of a few employees, the county is
    clearly liable. Heck, if Rusty gets a really good attorney, he may end up OWNING
    the airport by the time this is all over!

    Finally, while I have never met Mr. Bogue, I do know several folks that have spoken
    on his behalf and do trust their judgment. On their words alone, I would encourage
    Mr. Bogue to consider moving his entire operation to one of our small airports in
    Kansas. I currently fly out of KPTS – you would fit in very well here. Kansas is
    a very aviation-friendly State and we need good honest people to invest here both
    in our city as well as our State. We understand the value of general aviation to
    our community. We currently have about 8 turbine aircraft on our field and the
    sales of aviation fuels to them and transient aircraft bring almost a million additional
    dollars to the city coffers each year. Too bad Edgar County is so blind…. But rest
    assured, RSB Aviation would be welcome here. I bet you would also be welcomed at
    Hulman field, or Sullivan County, or Mattoon as well. I’ve heard you are a long time
    Paris resident … so I know it would be hard to leave. However I bet you would build
    friendships in any of those other cities very quickly. Good luck to the Bogues and
    RSB Aviation …. I’ll be checking back to see how this ends up.

  • Nick Eberwine
    Posted at 18:10h, 30 November

    I started flying over ten years ago. In those ten years I don’t know that
    I’ve met anyone as passionate about aviation as Rusty Bogue. He is an
    immensely talented pilot, mechanic, instructor, and mentor and the reason
    the local aviation community is much stronger than it ever has been.
    I’m not the first to point out that the Edgar County Airport, before
    RSB, was just a convenient place to practice landings. My last landing
    (well, touch-and-go) at PRG was over 7 years ago. Before that landing
    there were hundreds more at PRG and I can count on one hand how many
    time I shared the traffic pattern with a locally based aircraft. I
    know I never bought fuel there or contributed in any other direct way
    to the airport’s revenue. The County Board should be jumping for joy
    that Rusty has come home to Paris and brought general aviation (and
    it’s revenue) with him.

    As a husband and father of two young children I’m offended by the
    ability of anyone to ban a child from a public venue. As a pilot
    who started off in general aviation, I am baffled by the anti-family
    stance of Jimmy Wells. A local flying community is supposed to be
    one big family. We welcome strangers with open arms, share our
    enthusiasm for aviation with other who are curious, teach each other,
    learn from each other, delight in one another’s successes and rally
    around those in need.

    I hope everyone in and around Edgar County knows what an asset RSB is
    to the airport. You wont find anyone better than Rusty to keep aviation
    flourishing in your area.

    • CBBayPoint
      Posted at 22:29h, 09 December

      Nailed it.

  • Jeff Jenkins
    Posted at 12:00h, 01 December

    Let me start by saying I’m absolutely appalled by what I’ve just read. I’m
    shocked that something like this could be happening in this day and age in
    Middle American. It sounds like Chicago style politics have drifted south.
    I’ve known Rusty professionally for 13 years. He is without a doubt the
    hardest working, most dedicated and ambitious person I’ve met, not just in
    aviation, but overall. He is an absolute asset to any community.

    As a corporate pilot, I would think nothing of flying 100 miles out of my
    way to avoid landing a jet at a Pre-RSB Paris airport. The indirect impact
    to the community of his presence is immeasurable. His maintenance facility
    alone opens the door to the dollars that come with transient corporate
    aircraft being able to operate at PRG. Without him, you’re missing out on
    revenue from jet fuel sells, rental cars, hotel stays, catering, and dining.
    All of these things give the option for large companies to do business in
    the Paris area.

    There is no justification for what is happening. Open your eyes and be grateful
    that such a person has chosen to live in your community.

    Concerned Aviation Professional
    Jeff Jenkins
    Corporate Pilot

  • CBBayPoint
    Posted at 22:28h, 09 December

    I’ve read Mr. Bogue’s statement, and I have to completely agree. This
    really should not be an issue, as the law is on the side of the persons
    who are in support of breastfeeding in the airport building.