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May 20, 2024

Guilty Plea – Class 4 Felony

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On September 5, 2012


Cole Lewis, one of the “Kansas 6”, has entered a plea of Guilty in a Class 4 felony of Aggravated Battery with Great Bodily Harm.

This was a negotiated deal, the two Class 1 felonies of Home Invasion and Residential Burglary were not pursued.

He was sentenced to a $500 fine plus court costs, restitution in the amount of $3821 (joint and several with 5 codefendants), 40 hours of community service, 2 years probation, 90 days in jail (no time served, no good time credit), testimony, and bond forfeiture (to pay for DNA, court fees, probation fees, and restitution).

 The other 5 have court dates as follows:

Quinton Inman – pretrial set for 9-24-2012

Inman also plead guilty to a DUI in Coles County earlier this year:
ASA Danley prst. Deft prst w/Matthews. Deft enters vol guilty plea 12-dt-15. Pursuant to agrmt. In 12-dt-15, deft ordered placed on 2 yrs jud sup, ordered to pay fine $275 plus cc, ordered to pay $100 Trauma Fee, ordered to pay $750 Subsection f Fine (CPD), ordered to pay $100 PD fee, ordered to perform 150 hrs csw w/100 hrs to be completed w/in 1st yr. ordered to pay and undergo alc trmt lvl 1, ordered to attend DUI TSS, and ordered to pay any fee associated with attending DUI TSS. You are ordered to attend the DUI supervision group meeting as directed by court services within the next 30 days. POC 03/19/13 at 9 am. Deft ordered to appear. DUI TSS, 100 hrs csw and Alc Trmt to be completed by the 1 yr date. Remaining 50 hrs csw & all costs to be paid by the 2 year date. POC 03/18/14 at 9 am. Deft ordered to appear. Deft ordered to report to PO. Deft ordered to report to CCO. Bond ordered invaded and applied

Cameron Minor – pretrial set for 9-24-2012

Dillon Armes – pretrial set for 10-1-2012

Colin Hunter – Negotiated Plea set for 10-1-2012

Caleb Hunter – Negotiated Plea set for 10-1-2012


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