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February 21, 2024

Rick Wahl – To Hell with the Citizens

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On August 9, 2012


We attended the monthly city council meeting in Brocton, Illinois last night, August 8, 2012, and decided this meeting was deserving of a multipart article.

Ordinance to Reinstate the Police Dpartment

An ordinance to reinstate the police department, after what we believe to be a binding back-door referendum (more on that later) was passed by the people of Brocton at the last election, was motioned and seconded. Just after the secretary stated she was calling for roll call vote, Mr. Rick Wahl started his ranting.

The Ranting

Mr. Wahl ranted about an issue he had with a police officer almost 2 1/2 years ago in which he refused to sign a complaint that would enable law enforcement to investigate the allegations. He also failed to talk to the Chief of Police about it, and failed to talk to the City Council about it. Typical of someone that cannot take responsibility for their own actions, he blamed it on everyone else and stated: “I will never vote for this police department”.

What he didn’t rant about, but I thought you should know, is the fact he has family members and friends that have received DUI’s/DWI’s in the past few years and also a family member that likes to beat her boyfriend up with a pipe. Makes you wonder if these are additional reasons he doesn’t want the police department in Brocton.

Finally Comes Out

This rant finally shed some light on why he is so dead set on ridding Brocton of their police department. It is purely personal and quite obvious he could care less what the citizens of Brocton want and voted for. “Public Service” must not be in his vocabulary, as this rant was all about a personal vendeta with him and the police department.

This type of public servant is not acting in the best interest of the city or its residents. The best outcome at this point in time would be for him to resign immediately before he can do any more damage.


Below is a short two minute video clip of the ranting, and is quite telling.



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  • Cheyanne Wahl
    Posted at 21:17h, 15 August

    I am the daughter of Rick, and the reason my dad
    will not vote for a cop in town is because one of
    the cops was on duty and drove by the house we were
    swimming, came to a complete stop in the middle of
    the road and watched me and my friends walk from the
    pool into the house to get towels. After we had already
    walked back out he decides to pull in the driveway to
    talk to my friends step-dadstep-dad.

  • Cheyanne Wahl
    Posted at 21:35h, 15 August

    My dad did go to people, he isn’t just going to keep that a
    secret and let a man like that walk around. Also yes we have
    friends and family that had DUI’s but they were not from the
    town cop or even in Edgar county, and yes we have family members
    that get a little too heated sometimes but I can say that, that
    won’t be a problem for much longer and no this person not going
    to jail nor in jail, and if you think my dad doesn’t have a very
    big vocabulary, please go hold a 5 minute conersation, he will
    make you feel stupid in the first 5 seconds. No offense. The
    town I just simply too small and doesn’t have the money too
    afford it. We don’t have enough trouble that goes on in town.
    If people don’t feel safe in Brocton….no K then something is
    wrong. Brocton is probably one of the safest Towns in the state.
    I don’t even lock my car doors at night and we dont need to lock
    the house doors even, and that is without a cop. No need for a
    cop in town. Thank you.

  • Seth Thomas
    Posted at 15:59h, 20 August

    Cheyanne – From reading your comments, a door knob would
    make you look stupid in about 5 seconds. Your comments at
    the last board meeting about the vote not passing by a majority
    just told everyone in town that the apple did not fall far
    from the tree.
    I find your sentence structure, punctuation and thought pattern
    in your posts to be apparent that NASA and hospitals that do
    brain surgery will not be calling you after you get out of school.
    Your parents are the worst kind of public servants, the kind
    that are just there to serve themselves. It is obvious from the
    meetings that your family has no reason doing anything but picking
    up trash and cutting hair. Two professions that I am sure that
    even someone with the limited brain power of your parents can do.

    Best Regards,

    Seth Thomas

    • anonymous
      Posted at 12:35h, 28 August

      You are pathetic Mr. Seth Thomas you are fighting with an 18 year old girl!
      You for one have NO right telling her what she is capable of doing with her
      life after she graduates because you don’t even know her. Second I would
      like to state that when trying to insult someone you should at least do
      your homework and have your facts straight because you said her father is
      a trash man Erich is false so please make sure your argument is at least
      accurate! Now I Don’t know who you are because you used a fake name but i
      do know you must not know the Wahl family personally and i do and i know
      they are the nicest people I know and would anything for anyone it is a
      shame that you are so horribly disappointed with your life you have to sit
      here and put down others. Have a nice day.

      • RetiredCopterPilot
        Posted at 23:41h, 30 August

        To Anonymous,
        Clearly, reading comprehension is not one of your accomplishments.
        Mr. Thomas merely stated that there is no reason for Mr. Wahl to do
        anything other than pick up trash. He did not state that Mr. Wahl
        is a trash man.
        Additionally, I find it amusing that you condemn yourself for being
        too cowardly to use your real name.