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July 12, 2024

Update: Censorship at Martinsville Public Library –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On July 14, 2012


For those of you that commented on the original article (even though we didn’t write it) saying we were accusing a librarian of using Nazi style tactics in attempts to ban and burn books, you will enjoy this update.

It is clear the poster  Incredulous” does not understand the impact one rogue librarian can have on a whole community and the news it receives. Why does she think she has the right to determine what the people of the Martinsville Public Library District are allowed to read? She is a Public employee, there to serve the Public, NOT to provide her own biased opinion (as you will read below) on the reporting procedures of a newspaper. 

Thanks Jack for another great article!


From Disclosure News Online:

Published: July 13, 2012

(All typos of her missive were incorporated and not fixed; what a fine librarian).

Anyway, here’s the rub of it.

Ms. Hubbard obviously didn’t read this article, but instead relied on others to tell her what was in it. Why do we say that? Because of what Hubbard told Michael in the following exchange:

    • Great concept; however poor investigative reporting. The National Enquirer has already conorered this style. Perhaps we need to see both sides of a story instead of inuendo and gossip.

  • Disclosure Heartland12 minutes ago

    • All stories in Disclosure Heartland are based on police reports and official documents, or other media reports. If you have another side to a story, we would love to hear it. What article are you refering to?

  • Beth Cunningham Hubbard8 minutes ago

    • Let’s start with the Terry Payton stlory. Although there are reports from police and court reports; the story is mostly gossip from neighbors whom state they saw abuse for years yet did nothing to help this child. I assure you that you did not report the entire story. I am dissapointed. I would have loved to have added this paper to our local library but at this point and time I will not. FYI: his psychologist and Terry himself both say he has no form of aspberger’s.

  • Beth Cunningham Hubbard3 minutes ago

    • Further more, why no mention of the fact that he was out on bail at one time. Wouldn’t a thorough reporter have questioned what happed that he would be returned to juvenille detention? As I said, reporting the story one-sided or lacking pertinent information is as damaging as the power house papers already in place.

  • Disclosure Heartlandabout a minute ago

    • You will have to take that up with the author of the article. I am sorry that you would use your position as the head of a public library to deny the public free access to a news source because you happen to disagree with a couple of sources in an article.


From Beth Hubbard’s Facebook page

Ang DID “mention the fact that he was out of bail at one time.” It was completely explained. And thus the reason why we know she didn’t read it—because TERRY PAYTON WAS RELEASED ON BOND TO BETH HUBBARD AND HER HUSBAND last year. Their names are RIGHT IN THERE. She would never have made that statement if she’d actually read the article. So obviously someone got to her and coerced her into sending Michael the snide comments she did. As well, her assertion that EYEWITNESSES to how Terry was treated is “gossip” lends to the belief that she’s very blinded to the truth of the matter. Those “gossiping” people are subpoenaed witnesses in the court case. We fail to see how what people are going to render as testimony during a state trial could possibly be considered “gossip.” Either this woman is dumber than the average bear (and her spelling leads to that conclusion) or she has zero clue as to how the court system—as well as investigative journalism—works.

While the story here is of course that she’s using gestapo tactics to run her library, there’s a greater story to this: the utter corruption that exists in and around Edgar County, where Terry Payton’s case is in play. While Martinsville is in Clark County, the corruption there is just as unchecked, because those counties have had literally NOTHING for news coverage for what seems like millennia…which has lent to the horror of such cases as Terry’s, as well as the corruption case that Michale Callahan wrote about in his book Too Politically Sensitive. The ‘news’ coverage there is lamentable….and allows corruption to grow like a fungus.

We encounter this bullshit in every county we enter (remember Dee Burgin threatening to “sue” us?? lol). This new publication is making waves. We encourage our Edgar/Clark county readers to hurry out and get this issue, because we had only a limited press run, and they WILL disappear fast…and we thank Miz Gestapo for her assistance in the sales end of this, too.


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  • Kirk Allen
    Posted at 16:46h, 15 July Reply

    Yet another public official who fails to realize
    her job is not to determine WHAT the people read
    but to make it available if they want to within
    the guidlines set forth by our laws.

    It doesnt surprise me she acted without reading the
    article as we have officials right here at home that
    have never read the statute for the very position they
    hold. If they had they would know in some cases
    they are not allowed to hold the office!

  • Incredulous
    Posted at 07:32h, 16 July Reply

    “Miz Gestapo” and “gestapo tactics”… not accusing her of
    using Nazi tactics to run the library? Umm, read your own sources…

    btw, i’m not accusing YOU of doing anything other than placing
    way too much emphasis on such a worthless non-story from a
    fringe publication…

    So, because she stated an opinion to an article, as a citizen,
    and just so happens to be a librarian and chooses not to carry
    the publication she’s signed up with the evil overlords to censor
    everything under the sun?

    Based on her own comments and the new facts she’s obviously very
    close to this Payton case in some fashion so why wouldn’t she be
    making “snide comments”.

    While I’m flattered that my comments have generated further
    ‘clarification’ of the issue, it doesn’t erase the fact that,
    unless there are some written rules/laws/bylaws or whatever
    being violated, she still has final say on what material is provided.

    Do any of the local libraries carry Hustler or Playboy? Well why not?!?!
    They’re huge national publications with ‘quality’ articles. Better Home
    and Garden, Redbook and People are on every shelf I’m sure.

    What you and your publication are FAILING to see is what a NON-ISSUE
    this whole thing is. Again, based on their position, every library in
    Illinois should be subscribed to and providing this fringe publication
    to their patrons.

    Naming and shaming a librarian of a small, bump in the road town in
    an attempt to embarrass her into reversing the decision is such a
    waste of time and energy. And I love the plugs to “hurry out and
    get this issue” like this article is really some major selling point.

    Get back to digging into where all these public officials are
    misappropriating the tax payer dollars. Let me know when you’ve
    managed to get some of these scumbags arrested and convicted…

  • Kirk Allen
    Posted at 12:28h, 16 July Reply

    I mentioned guidlines set forth by law. Those guidlines have come down
    from the Supreme Court when it comes to pornography so there is a standard
    of acceptable material.

    MOST libraries do have a library board with by laws and rules. We did
    request a copy of theirs just to see what, if any is outlined.

    Yes there are many other issues to cover but are any bigger than
    protecting the 1st ammendment from dictatorial control by a single
    person with no accountability?

    Its not about them providing it as they can clearly choose not to for
    numerous reasons but when a librarian takes the position that its NOT
    going to be in her library because she does not agree with one article
    then that cross a line.

    A simple, thanks for the free paper provided and although there is very
    interesting local material our current budget does not permit any new
    subscriptions would have made this a non issue. She injected herself
    into this and thats what made the stir.

    As far as the public officials go, any clue what it takes for the
    states attorney to actually file charges on them? So far its a brick
    wall even with all the evidence in hand!

  • Dumb
    Posted at 18:41h, 16 July Reply

    I like how “Incredulous” continues to call Disclosure a “fringe” publication.
    What exactly makes it a “fringe” publication? That it may not be as widely
    circulated as other papers? Has this person even read Disclosure Heartland?
    This is a joke, this person is obviously a friend of the librarian in
    question and is trying to make excuses for her.

  • Incredulous
    Posted at 08:23h, 17 July Reply

    Hello Dumb, (why would you select that user name???)

    fyi, i have never met this librarian, never even been to the Martinsville
    library. I’ve driven through Martinsville on very rare occasion. I just
    take issue with a FRINGE publication trying to bully and intimidate on
    such a weak premise.

    Yes, i have indeed perused the pages of this publication. I’m not overly
    impressed with the quality. However, I applaud the goal of pressing
    public officials to account for the misappropriations our tax money.
    I liken Edgar County and Paris to a microcosm of the overall state
    of Illinois’ financial stupidity.

    I refer to Disclosure as ‘fringe’ simply because it makes anyone that
    considers it mainstream rankle at the suggestion their favored source
    for allegations and gossip backed by ‘facts’ might not be the center
    of the universe.

    Just because something is in a court or police report does not make
    something cold hard fact. Newsflash; people lie to the police and courts
    all the time. It just allows people to interpret those ‘facts’ in wider
    speculation of what really happened.

    Back to the original issue, if the rules back the accusations that this
    librarian is doing something wrong then sure, correct this wholly corrupt
    and overshadowing situation. I’m sure she’s the reason everything else is
    falling apart. Maybe the Illuminati meet there every other Thursday to
    plot world domination.

    Let get back to affecting changes that MATTER. Correct the idiocy that is
    the elite, career politicians and burn down the policies that allow them
    to steal hundreds of thousands of tax dollars every single year and maybe
    we’ll have time to mop up the corrupt ‘Gestapo’ of the public libraries.

    Thanks for your comments, hope that clears up my ‘agenda’ abit…

  • Angela Mason Howser
    Posted at 06:43h, 23 July Reply

    It’s apparent that “Dumb,” appropriately enough, misses several points in
    his/her attempt to discredit what he/she obviously feels is a threat: our
    paper. “Dumb” overlooks the fact that we’ve been in business for ten years
    now; “Dumb” overlooks the fact that my husband and I have a combined almost
    four decades in the news business; “Dumb” overlooks the fact that on a
    single-issue basis, our paper outsells every paper in our coverage area except
    two; “Dumb” overlooks the fact that our website has gained national attention
    and that my husband and I have been guest speakers on numerous radio shows
    (both FCC and internet) for years now; and “Dumb” seems to miss that his/her
    assertions do nothing but two things: Call more attention to our publication,
    and make people wonder what “Dumb” is up to if this is so upsetting to him
    or her.

    But worse, “Dumb” is apparently of the opinion that “fringe” publications have
    no business being in business. The First Amendment be damned. How DARE any
    publication not owned by a corporate conglomerate make this much of a stir,
    call this much attention to one corruption-infested little corner of our great
    state!! How DARE any one or two people have no agenda other than to want to see
    RIGHT done with public dollars, no matter how great or how small. Because we
    couldn’t possibly have an agenda; after all, we don’t KNOW these people; all we
    know is that they’re impinging upon the rights of the taxpayers who pay their
    way. “Dumb’s” mind boggles.

    There is no bullying and intimidation. If that’s what Dumb is calling this…I
    do indeed understand the user name.

    Carry on.

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