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April 25, 2024

SIU does the right thing!

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On April 4, 2012

SIU does the right thing, what a novel idea for for Edgar County!

While researching for another article, we came across some questionable donations made from Southern Illinois University (SIU) to a Political Action Committee (PAC). I decided to submit a Freedom of Information Act Request to obtain more information on the circumstances surrounding these donations.

To my surprise, the SIU response included the information requested, but also included a letter stating they did not realize their staff had included the PAC donation with the yearly dues payments. SIU further stated they have initiated steps to obtain a refund from the PAC and have better informed their staff of the prohibition of these types of payments/donations. The donations occurred in 2009 and 2010 and were paid to the Chamber of Commerce PAC.

The point I am trying to stress here, is the fact that Southern Illinois University recognized the possibly illegal payments, acknowledged them, are seeking a refund, and have educated their staff on prohibited payments made with Public Funds.

This is light-years ahead of the stonewalling and denial we have faced in every level of government here in Paris and Edgar County. It really is shameful when our elected officials refuse to correct or even acknowledge possible illegal activity when presented with their own documentation. 

The FOIA Request an letter of response are below.

“The wheels of justice run slowly, but oh so finely.” unknown


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