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May 20, 2024

The Unelected 911 Czar!

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On January 23, 2012

Since video doesn’t lie, it’s pretty clear that the Chairman of the 911 board, Dee Burgin, oh wait, he voted himself off so is he really the chairman? 

For the sake of this story and since he clearly “thinks” he is the Chairman, let’s take a look at how our own Edgar County Napoleon runs things. 

14:29 – Question raised on getting things on the agenda

Q: We pass this without identifying a process outside you, yourself, determining what’s on an agenda without any other discretion from the rest of the board members, is that correct?

Dee Burgin Response: YES


How is it that an entire 911 board sits silent while the so called Chairman confirms he himself is the the one who determines what is on the agenda and does so without any discretion from the rest of the board?

We would call that a Dictator!

Dictator – one who assumes sole and absolute power!

One only need to review previous stories to confirm the claim for establishing the public speaking policy is completely fabricated, as they have never had  a meeting that went beyond an hour in length and the longest individual public speaking session was only 8 minutes. So why did they establish it? 

The truth of the matter lies in the policy.  Item #5 outlines that the public speaking is limited to curent and previous meeting agenda items.  How convenient for Mr. Burgin Napoleon.  Restrict the public’s established right to  speak to the public body to only things Mr. Napoleon deams worthy. 

Isn’t it interesting they have passed a policy that they themselves don’t have to comply with, as state statute permits public bodies to speak to anything in a public session, even if it’s NOT on the agenda.  Sounds like Washington has moved to Edgar County. Do as I say, not as we do!

As a veteran who has served all over the world. I have to say I am appauled and outraged at every member of this board that voted to adopt a policy that clearly violates our 1st Amendment right.  Neither the intent nor spirit of the law was to restrict “what” a person speaks to at a public meeting.  The intent was to allow the public to have a right to address the public body on matters that are pertinent to that public body. 

What is even more disgusting with this is the fact that the very person who has deamed himself prime leader, is a law enforcement officer who clearly doesn’t know the most basic of our civil rights, our 1st ammednment right to free speach.

That right is not checked at the door because of his rules.

  Historians point out that Napoleon spent the last six years of his life in confinement!



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  • thissiteisajoke
    Posted at 11:41h, 26 January

    maybe you, mr allen, need to go review the video of the december 5, 2011 meeting before you go spewing words.

    you stated in this article the longest public session was only 8 minutes long. the session i just reviewed consisted of a public session that ended at the 17:08 mark.

    just little things like that that make your accusations, allegations and accountability even more disgusting and questionable.

  • Kirk Allen
    Posted at 12:00h, 26 January

    We greatly appreciate you viewing the information and commenting. Review of the post does in fact reflect an omission of the word “individual”.

    I can see and agree that without that word it provides a different meaning than the one intended. Thanks for bringing that to our attention as everyone should be held accountable, including information on this site.

    Interesting that a “little thing” as you point out is more disgusting than the information we provided. It tells us a lot!

    We are pleased that the best you could come up with is an error of about 3 minutes total time, (8 versus 11). Had I properly put in the word individual we would not be having this conversation, but regardless, we are excited about your input and comments!

    Please keep them coming!