District 95

District 95 BoE meeting Dec 5, 2011

 The Distric 95 Board of Education meeting was held on Dec 5, 2011.

Video (thanks to the school district) is below Chuck’s comments.

 “At the December 5, 2011, meeting of the Paris District School Board I learned that nothing further had been done concerning consolidation. Tom Davis, speaking for the board, told me that consolidation would not be a cost saving move. That was something I could have told him months ago. It would, in fact, cost District 95 additional funds.

 In other business, several Mayo students gave a nice presentation about their trip to Rose Hulman. From their report, it seems as if they had a very good time and that the people at Rose were most welcoming. It is never too early to introduce students to opportunities they may have after high school. Good job, Mayo.”




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  1. Do I understand they are now taking the position that its NOT a cost saving move……………..after all the spewing its going to save money so everyone should vote for it?

    Where does it end?

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