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April 16, 2024

Audits…again no action – excuses on video.

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On December 30, 2011

The ECWD have, for MONTHS, continued to demand that audits be completed as required, with the Edgar County Board refusing to comply with the law.

(30 ILCS 5/) Illinois State Auditing Act.
1.  Statute requires that the County Board shall cause an audit of all funds and accounts of a county official as soon as possible after a public official leaves office for any reason – a post defacto examination of all books, documents, records, or other evidence relating to the obligation, receipt, expenditure or use of public funds of the county.
2.  This shall be filed no later than 6 months after the official leaves office.

They did go as far as getting verification that the audits were required – and here is what the State’s Attorney said,  Here are HIS WORDS:

“Jim – one of the questions raised at the last Cty Bd mtg addressed audits of offices that had undergone a recent change in leadership.  Specifically, I believe, State’s Attorney, Sheriff and County Clerk were mentioned.  Section 5/6-31005 of the Counties Code does require that the Cty Bd cause an audit to be made of all funds and accounts under the management or control of a county official as soon as possible after such official leaves office for any reason.  This is in addition to the annual audit.  Officials left the State’s Attorney’s office in July of 2010 and the Sheriff’s and County Clerk’s Offices in December 2010.  Thus audits of the funds controlled by those leaving office at the specified times are required.”

– but then Jim Keller says we can just start  from this point forward to do the audits”.

I don’t think so Jim – the audits for the Sheriff, State’s Attorney, County Clerk and now the ETSB (911) are required to be completed.  These officials have left office, three in 2010 and the other in Dec 2011.

**Dee Burgin, as the current chairman of the ETS board and Department Head of 911, you are required to order the audit of the previous chairman to be completed within 6 months after him leaving office (for any reason).

The video below – from the illegal meeting (no notice and no agenda posted) – held after the county highway meeting – depicts the willful violation of state statutes, after being informed (by ECWD and the SA), bordering on “official misconduct”, of the chairman of the county board and all voting board members that refuse to take action to ensure compliance with statute and require certain audits be accomplished.

I have requested assistance from the Illinois Comptroller’s Office and will post their reply as soon as it is received.

  Jeff Voight mentions in the video that 911 is not part of that statute – we have verified (at a date after this recording) thru the Attorney General’s Office that 911 IS included in the statute as it IS a part of the Edgar County Government!


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