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June 17, 2024

Time to go Mr. Jim Keller!

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On October 11, 2011

Its pretty amazing to see the volume of inappropriate spending of our money and in many cases total disregard for the law from our appointed officials.  All that aside, when it goes up the chain to where our Elected officials, who are supposed to be monitoring the business at hand become involved in the wrong doing I think  its time to demand some resignations!

According to County Board minutes on file Nanette Crippes (Beals at the time), 911 coordinator, invited the County Board to a 911 dinner meeting.  Now besides the fact that no where in the statute does it authorize the spending of money on their meals I find it amazing to see Mr. Kellers Response to the invitation. 

Board Chairman, Jim Keller, ENCOURAGED all who can, to please attend the 911 dinner!

Now its bad enough we have the 911 board eating out regulary on our dime but now the County Board Chairman is encouraging others to dine on our dime?

Mr. Keller is the very person that should have said you can’t spend the people’s money in this fashion!  He has a fiduciary responsibility to the people and I think few will find that allowing his appointed 911 board to use our money for their dinners is appropriate.   Nor would  they find it appropriate to invite the rest of the County Board.  All who attended should not only reimburse the 911 account for their meals they should all step down for a clear breach of their fiduciary responsibility!

Mr. Keller if this is the best you have to offer then many would agree its time to step down!  

Now if all that is not enough to amaze you, this will knock your socks off.  Keep in mind our current 911 board and coordinator have NO PROBLEM spending money on Christmas gifts, secretary week bonus’s, Ducks for the Duck Race, petty cash for her kid to clean her office………oh, rats, thats a story coming next month. 

Anyway, in February, 2011 on behalf of the Kansas FPD I requested funding from the 911 board for pagers.  I was clearly told that the board will not buy pagers.  In fact Nanette emailed me part of the statute and stated:

            “The Board has to be very careful how the money is spent based on this law.”

My Response:

Your kidding right? 

 Its absolutly mind blowing that a request from an emergency response agency for equipment that is WELL within the law to purchase and she says something like that.  Even more disturbing is the fact that just 5 years prior to this she reports the purchase of this kind of equipment so how is it that now you have to be carful how you spend the money?

I wonder where the concern regarding the law was in all the other purchases not permited by law?

Now we get a real look at what Full Faith and Trust gets us dont we Mr. Keller.  This is your 911 board and if this is the best we can do then this county is in bigger trouble than we thought.  Time to do whats right…………which would be to remove them from their positions immediatly, you included for letting this happen!

Stay tuned for a huge story coming soon on more inappropriate money shuffles from our government officials! 








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