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May 20, 2024

E911 Meeting Aug 1, 2011

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On September 18, 2011

Does ANYONE find it odd that a 4000 btu air conditioner costs $3,000.00? Not a SINGLE board member even asked if that was the only quote Nanette received. I find it disturbing to have an entire board that can so easily spend $3,000.00 without a single question. Anyone price a 4000 btu air conditioner lately?  Central Air systems are based on SEER ratings and so many tons, and since BTU ratings were referenced I can only assume a portable unit is being purchased. 

HOWEVER, in 2006, the same vendor, Walkers Heating and Cooling installed an entire system for $6,000.00.  According to Nanette Cripps’s report to the board the ac unit is now about 13 years old?  That is not a truthful representation based on the fact both the minutes from 2006 reflect the whole system was installed and the County Treasures report reflects the same 2006 time frame. So the truth is, the system is 5 years old, NOT 13 years old. I, by no means, have any issue with ensuring the equipment stays cool as its critical to the operation of the 911 system but I do find it disturbing the very person in charge of this didn’t get any bids for this equipment outside of Walkers Heating and Cooling, again.

The 2006 minutes reflect a claim that only one bid was received and that the other 2 interested bidders would not respond to the bid? I wonder who the other two interested bidders were and why they would not respond.

Craig Smith claims he was ASKED to review the By-laws. I have attended all the meetings this year and at no time has any motion been made or voted on to have the Attorney for 911 review the bylaws. Who asked the attorney to take this action? Who is paying for this service?  With minutes that reflect no legal action taken to have by-laws reviewed by an attorney, which costs money, one must ask, under what authority did this requester take such an action?



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