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April 18, 2024

911 – Another shocking revelation !

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On September 23, 2011

A FOIA request from 911 for all petty cash receipts generated the letter below. 

 The Statute covering our 911 board is about as clear as clear can be.  It specifically states the County Treasure is the custodian of the fund!

 (50 ILCS 750/15.4) (from Ch. 134, par. 45.4)
    Sec. 15.4. Emergency Telephone System Board; powers.

(c) All moneys received by a board pursuant to a surcharge imposed under Section 15.3 shall be deposited into a separate interest‑bearing Emergency Telephone System Fund account. The treasurer of the municipality or county that has established the board or, in the case of a joint board, any municipal or county treasurer designated in the intergovernmental agreement, shall be custodian of the fund

 We believe some questions need answered!

 1.  How is it that our 911 Board even has a Petty Cash fund that they utilize when   the statute outlines the County Treasure is the custodian of the fund?

2.  How is it that our County Board appointed 911 Board members have not ensured there are receipts for Petty Cash for expenditures prior to 2004?

3.  Wondering how much those expenditure’s added up to?

 $5,175.00…..In Four Years designated as Petty Cash!

$910.00 additional dollars designated as Petty Cash however the county treasures report reflects those payement were made directly to the 911 coordiantor, Nanette Beals between 1997 and 2001!

Total of $6,085.00 With NO RECEIPTS?




At the request of Nanette Crippes, the 911 coordinator additonal information pertaining to petty cash expendatures can be found in this story.




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