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It took a while, but we eventually succeeded in obtaining the alleged letter from the Higher Learning Commission being touted as the death to Illinois universities. People always “quoted” it, but could never produce it, now we know why.

For several weeks, we have been given excuse after excuse of how failure to pass a budget will resort in loss of accreditation to our state universities – and everyone referred to this letter as proof the HLC said accreditation would be lost.

Nothing could be further from the truth. As you read this letter, we urge you to find anything stating as the fact that our universities will lose accreditation should there be no budget. There is no such language in this letter.

Sure, it stated universities with a lack of funding were “at risk” and that loss of accreditation “could‘ be a consequence of “not providing funding” for our universities, but plenty of other things “could” also cause loss of accreditation. Illinois has funded its universities without a budget prior to this year, they can do it again.

Please do not use this letter or the fake notion that loss of accreditation WILL happen should there be no budget as an excuse to get behind the passage of the veto override. Now that we have a copy of the letter, we know it was not what it was purported to be.

Download or read below:

HLC Letter June 22


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    • Great digging though, even thought almost nobody reported this as anything other than “could” in their headlines anyway.

    • Good for them. Considering they get paid with our tax dollars I would not expect anything less from them.

  1. With this letter, a balance sheet and income statement should have been provided for each institution deemed to be in trouble, Absent that, the letter is merely to create “shock value.”

    • It is a very measured and reasonable letter and one not unlike the one sent in 2016 but with increased concern level very carefully stated and not alarmist at all. This site is truly making a mountain out of nothing here. Move along.

      • Missing the point Randy. Legislators made claims that were not true. I agree, the letter is reasonable. Too bad the legislators misrepresented its content.

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