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Auditor General Frank Mautino – Subpoenas point to quick response from US Attorney

Illinois Co. (ECWd) –

It would appear the Assistant US Attorney took the reporting about Auditor General Frank Mautino’s campaign spending serious in light of the dates on the subpoenas.

We broke the main story on his campaign spending in this article, January 21st of 2016. A review of two separate subpoenas from Assistant US Attorney Timothy Bass reflect one subpoena to the House of Representatives, Mautino’s employer, was dated just 34 days after our publication. The second subpoena was issued 18 days later to the State Board of Elections.

We are pleased to find the authorities did not waste any time gathering information about our Illinois Auditor General, who has now pled the 5th and refused to comply with orders from the State Board of Elections.

These dates indicate the criminal investigation is now about 17 months old so we can only hope they wrap things up quickly so taxpayers in Illinois can start gaining some trust back in their government.

The subpoenas can be downloaded here and here, or viewed below.


Muation Subpoena To House of Representatives


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