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State Board of Elections refuses to answer Mautino Complaint

Springfield, IL. (ECWd) –

A motion to reconsider a previous decision of the Illinois State Board of Elections to fine the Mautino campaign and close the complaint was filed.

The board met this morning, and  with a 4-4 vote the motion did not pass.

This vote was on party lines: Democrats voting Nay and Republicans voting Aye.

This board has failed the public once again by refusing to answer the original complaint.

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  1. How much was paid on bribes to get this vote. Or is this a case of covering each others asses? The Chicago machine lives on and on, who said the Mafia no longer is in service.

  2. Thanks Mike for Board Member names. I am sure the 4-4 vote was split down party lines and not based on the mountain of evidentiary material presented to the Board of Elections. What a travesty of justice. No sense in having any laws if they are not applied to everyone equally – Frank Mautino included.

  3. I just stole thousands of dollars from the public, please don’t throw me in jail or ask me to reimburse all that I embezzled from my employers.!!!! I’ll slip you a few thousand each to get me off.

  4. Board Members of the Illinois State Board of Elections:

    William Cadigan – Republican – Cook County.

    Andy Carruthers – Republican – Madison County.

    Betty Coffrin – Republican – Coles County.

    Ernest Gowen – Republican – Cook County.

    John Keith – Democrat – Sangamon County.

    William McGuffage – Democrat – Cook County.

    Charles Scholz – Democrat – Adams County.

    Casandra B Watson – Democrat – Cook County

  5. First, is there a record of those that voted in favor of a review and those that voted in opposition?
    At least 4 members need to be dismissed and replaced. It is likely not possible, but someone needs to take this matter to Court. Even a 5th grader could see the scheme which was presented in evidentiary form to this Board. I think Mike Madigan and Mautino are best friends – and this is just more of Illinois corruption. Are there a few good men any more?

  6. Failure to rule on the allegations in complaint would appear to be official misconduct in my opinion.

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