Bloomington, IL. Holds Over $636,000.00 In Unpaid Water Bills –

Bloomington, IL. (ECWd) –

Fresh from the Bloomington FOIA Officer is the below list of individuals and companies who owe the City of Bloomington over $636,000.00 in unpaid water bills.

It took several back and forth emails to get this list produced, but the city finally followed the law and produced it.

If you know these people, please tell them they are part of the reasons your property taxes keep increasing.

Some of the most notable of these debts belong to:

  • OSF Healthcare – $12,105.51
  • Carle Clinic – ~$5,000.00
  • Bank of America – $422.37
  • Fisca Oil Co., Inc. – $86,121.38
  • Lakeside Country Club – $818.15
  • McClean Co. Orthopedics – $470.45
  • Chateau of Bloomington – $13,904.68
  • Fenwood Associates – $4,327.62
  • “Current Resident” of 407 N. Hershey Rd. – $17,305.93

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In the alternative, you can see the addresses of those in arrears of water payments:

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  1. I’ve have received this data a few times after filing FOIA requests, and the City Clerk has always denied me the names of those owing past due balances . I sure wish there was a way we could hold them accountable for all the game playing we have to go through in order to obtain information that we are legally entitled to.Congrats on obtaining this data.

  2. Thank you for your efforts but I am going to submit a FOIA to find out over the past four years how many, what amount and to whom the water bills were written off. I am still interested in what happened to the $18,000 water bill on properties owned by Andy Coburn, taken back by Busey Bank and do not appear ever paid.

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