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Press Release Concerning Edgar County Airport

December 3, 2012   ·   4 Comments



We were provided a press release this morning from Redwood Law concerning the Airport issues we have reported on last week.

You can read it here or download and read at your leisure.

Download (PDF, 4.21MB)




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Readers Comments (4)

  1. Some Guy says:

    Am I to assume from this picture, that they picked Mr. Patrick as their board
    chairman??? Please tell me this isn’t the case.

    • jmkraft says:

      Yes, he is the chairman.

  2. Del Pufahl says:

    Was the meeting this morning recorded and if so – are you going to release
    it on this website. Some of us – support Rusty and Ann 100% but are not
    able to attend any meetings because we are out of State at this time

    • jmkraft says:

      It will be online as soon as it gets uploaded – hopefull in an article
      in the morning.


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