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East Central Illinois Mass Transit District

June 5, 2012   ·   0 Comments



There have been alot of rumors spreading thoughout Edgar County the past few weeks, hopefully this will bring some of them to light.

Today, the East Central Illinois Mass Transit District and Chester P. Sutton Senior Center have terminated the employment of their CEO, Kami Miller, who has been employed there for a number of years. While we have no details as to the reason(s) for her termination, we do know there is an ongoing investigation. We do not know who is investigating, nor do we know who is auditing – give us time, we’ll figure it all out in a day or two and run an updated article on the subject.

A little background: The East Central Illinois Mass Transit District was established July 1, 2008 to served the people of Edgar and Clark Counties. They are governed by Illinois Compiled Statutes 70 ILCS 3610, The Local Mass Transit District Act. They also fall under the East Central Illinois Region 8 Human Transportation Services Plan, which is governed by Illinois Compiled Statutes 70 ILCS 3615, The Regional Transportation Authority Act.

 Now a word for their board members, one of which is Kevin Trogden (also elected to the Edgar County Board) – “Secrecy is the badge of fraud and breeds mistrust in our government officials”.


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