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June 19, 2024

California Emissions Standards Coming To Illinois?

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On February 20, 2024

Sangamon Co. (ECWd) –

State Representative Edgar Gonzalez, Jr., Chicago, has introduced House Bill 1634,  seeking to adopt the vehicle emissions standards of California.

The bill is co-sponsored by Representative Janet Yang Rohr of Naperville, and Representative Bob Morgan of Highwood.

The bill basically requires that “Illinois Environmental Protection Agency shall adopt rules to implement the motor vehicle emission standards of the State of California, including, but not limited to the (1) zero-emission vehicle program, (2) low-emission vehicle program, (3) advanced clean trucks program, and (4) heavy-duty low NOx omnibus program, and shall amend the rules within 6 months of any changes to maintain consistency with the California motor vehicle emission standards and Section 177 of the Federal Clean Air Act.”  (Full Text of Bill at this link)

The bill is being heard today in the Energy & Environment Committee and currently has over 2,000 opponents to the bill and only 91 proponents according to the Witness Slip Information link for the General Assembly.

While we see numerous problems with the bill, the fact this is an attempt to force Illinois drivers to comply with regulations written by unelected officials in California is probably the most absurd thing we have heard and that is saying something.  Where do Illinois drivers get to voice their concerns when California makes new rules?  Do they go to California and comply with their Rule Making criteria?

As if having to be subject to the whims of the unelected in California, this bill slaps yet another layer of rules on Illinois drivers by giving the Illinois EPA the power to adopt rules consistent with the standards set by California’s Resources Board.  Each time California changes its rules, Illinois EPA has 6 months to amend Illinois rules established by the unelected EPA.

We appear to no longer be governed by the elected but rather controlled by the unelected through rule-making. Allowing another state’s rule making to govern how things are done in Illinois is a whole new level of stupid in our opinion.

We encourage everyone to contact their State Representatives and voice your opinion on this bill.

Those who wish to oppose this bill or support it are encouraged to fill out a witness slip at this link.



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  • Dave
    Posted at 10:25h, 20 February Reply

    Nothing more stupid than adopting a California policy…. the totalitarian trash democrat controlled state legislature thinks they own us and loves to take our liberty

  • Keep Your Liberal Ideas In California
    Posted at 11:14h, 20 February Reply

    I completely agree with you guys. If Mr. Gonzalez wants to Illinois to adopt California laws then Mr. Gonzalez should just move to California. What a twit.

  • Rory Steidl
    Posted at 11:18h, 20 February Reply

    This is reminiscent of the IL driver’s license suspension statute that was in force when I was working. Persons – usually poor folks from Cook and collar counties who couldn’t afford a newer, more emissions compliant vehicle, let alone the $ required to have the vehicle brought up to standards – would have their driver’s licenses suspended by the IL Secretary of State after their vehicles failed the mandatory emissions control testing.

    As an ISP trooper, I’d encounter these suspended drivers on the interstates during traffic stops. Prior to the implementation of more lenient bail practices such as IBONDs and Notices To Appear (NTAs), ISP policy required that they be arrested and taken into actual custody and taken to jail if they didn’t have $100.00 CASH bail available. If there was no other licensed driver in the vehicle – which was common for people living in Chicago – policy required the vehicle be towed. It resulted in a cascading series of consequences and hardships including but not limited to: tow bill, vehicle storage fee, return trips to the county of arrest for multiple court appearances, court fines/costs, further/extended license suspension and sometimes revocation, loss of employment…and all of the hardships that result and from which no indigent person would ever recover. Some people had to sign their vehicle title over to the tow company to cover the payment of storage fees that had accrued on their vehicles and the resulting lien on their vehicles.
    Talk about what was then probably a well-intentioned statute to remove emissions “clunkers” from IL roadways but instead having unfathomable, unintended consequences, not only to the poor, but the burden placed upon law enforcement, the court system, the unemployment system and more Think about it.

    Now, fast-forward to this this new proposed nonsense, and I hope that you can see how this will impact not only indigent persons but anyone who is unfortunate enough to own a motor vehicle that doesn’t comply with the new California standard. It’s part of what has become a punitive effort to force us into electric vehicles – which are not yet efficient and are logistically challenging…to say the least.

  • C T
    Posted at 14:20h, 20 February Reply

    I met that little fat bastard Gonzalez on the golf course once. Chatted with him for a bit. It makes sense he’s the sponsor. He didn’t seem to know his A$$ from a hole in the ground about anything other than some silly talking points. It really struck me how young and naive he was, which also makes sense, as Chicago seems to elect exclusively idiots to political power.

  • Dr. Dave Johnson, M.D.
    Posted at 18:40h, 20 February Reply

    That’s great news! Our planet is on fire, we’re experiencing the highest temperatures ever recorded globally, we are in the midst of a climate disaster, and a bunch of uneducated blow hards are complaining because they want to roll coal and destroy our children’s futures. If anything this bill is too late and too lenient but we’ll take what we can get.

    • Χωρίς Όνομα
      Posted at 14:27h, 21 February Reply

      Last time I checked the planet is NOT on fire, we are NOT experiencing the highest ever temperatures globally ever, and there is absolutely NO climate disaster any way you see it. I may be (only to you) an uneducated blow hard but you sir, you are a true specimen of the “perennial IDIOT”. Please do not get offended, the idiot is not intended as a slur, I use it in its original true meaning: “A person too absorbed into himself who is unable to see beyond his own narrow interest”. And just for the record, todays meeting for discussing HB1634 was cancelled at the Capitol probably because it had a staggering 132 proponents and …”only” 3,264 opponents. Good night doctor, it seems all you can get is a big fat ZERO !!!

      • Shane heath
        Posted at 17:29h, 22 February Reply

        What he said☝️

  • Dr Mike Hahesy
    Posted at 21:15h, 21 February Reply

    I disagree Dr Dave, we have had temperatures this or higher 100’s of years ago, the weather is circulatory . So there was now gas or diesel vehicles back then, so explain to me how my farm equipment or semis have caused this??

    • Shane heath
      Posted at 17:27h, 22 February Reply

      It’s called weather, or seasons.
      But I guess the far left will say the horses caused it back then.

      I’m so tired of hearing we have to have EVs or we will die
      Didn’t Greta say we would all be dead like a year ago from this phenomenal temp change?

  • S.H.
    Posted at 08:18h, 22 February Reply

    Ok, we are a huge farm state. The farmers have to haul harvest in.
    So they are going to be forced to have electric trucks, tractors and combines?
    That little xxxxxx needs to move to California.
    He is apparently one that thinks Walmart makes his food in the back of the store.

    Dr Dave, your not any wiser.

    Posted at 11:35h, 22 February Reply

    Anyone with a brain knows the CO2 climate hoax is just an attempt by the left to centralize government control. The total morons that claim there is some damage being done and a couple hot days in the summer are clueless. Oil and gas make this country work and does so in a way that is inexpensive and reliable. Vote out all climate idiots.

  • Cindy
    Posted at 22:21h, 24 February Reply

    Dr. Dave is a bot. Seriously, folks.

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