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July 21, 2024

Shelby County – Selective Outrage; Propaganda Debunked –

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On October 18, 2023

Shelby Co. (ECWd) –

Past selective outrage on a cowardly Shelby County social media page once again is exposed for what it is, a political hit site that ignores the law and fails to research matters beyond its limited agenda.

During a recent county board meeting the board approved a second Assistant State’s Attorney (ASA) for the current State’s Attorney (SA).  The law specifically outlines it is the county board who sets the number of those assistants, not the (SA), which indicates the current SA followed the legal process.  The only way a second ASA could be hired is if the board increased the number and approved the budget.  The current SA at the time was operating under the very budget set by the prior SA.

The prior SA however appears to have done things contrary to the law.  Rather than seek the board’s action to increase her ASA number to 3, she simply emailed Bellwether, the company putting her budget together, Bryon Coffman, and one other unknown person at a private email address and lets them know she wants her budget amended to include a third ASA.

What is so rich with this is there has been selective outrage over the current SA getting authorization from the board to have a second ASA yet crickets on the fact the previous ASA was budgeting for a third ASA without even getting authorization from the board to have a second ASA, let alone a third.

We call that selective outrage.

How many locals in Shelby County recall the outrage over the disconnect notice on the phone bill in the SA office?

Interesting quotes from the cowardly anonymous social media page:

  • “bills on the verge of being turned over to collections”
  • Not only have the phones in his office been experiencing technical difficulties, according to Mr. Hanlon, since he took office in February, but now they are about to be shut off for delinquent payment
  • “.. he can’t even pay his phone bill?

Had the coward done some real research he/she would have learned the bill was turned in for payment and the SA is not the one who even pays the bill.  Better yet, real research would have destroyed the narrative being pushed against the current SA because the same thing happened to the prior SA as reflected in her email.

The former SA also received a similar DISCONNECT NOTICE for her phone, just like the current SA did, yet no outrage from the cowardly anonymous brain trust.

All indications point to the whole truth being something certain people just can’t handle, especially when it destroys the propaganda being pushed out locally, assuming any actual research took place.  I know, we should not make such assumptions.

The sky is not falling and neither SA’s are incompetent as it relates to their phone bill not getting paid. Considering the process governments go through with turning in bills; approving them in a committee, then a full board, then actual payments, this is unfortunately a common theme we have seen across the state.

When the prior SA was budgeting for a third ASA without actually having the county board set the number of ASA’s first, that was a problem long before the current SA asked for a second ASA as the law outlines.  The same is true with the phone bill and disconnect notice.  When it’s happening to both the former and current SAs, the problem is not the office holder but rather the process.  Casting negatively on one while ignoring the other shows the child’s play and propaganda taking place by adults in Shelby County.

We encourage everyone to do their own research, test all things, and hold fast to that which is true. Additionally, before dog-piling on with comments on any post you “think” is true, understand doing so before actually verifying the information posted looks bad on you when it gets debunked as misinformation or selective outrage.  I mention this because those commenting have their names displayed for everyone to see, whereas the coward making the actual posts hides their identity, and thus is never held accountable nor embarrassed when exposed for posting such selective information.




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  • Paul Kane
    Posted at 12:36h, 18 October Reply

    From that email communication with a non-government agency, Nichole Kronke, in relationship to taxpaying Illinoisians and Shelby County voters, regards the Shelby County board chair as her peer even though the board chair is not elected at large. Does the email now explain, in part, how the county became obligated to pay professional service fees under the Sheriff’s budgetary for Holiday and Overtime?

    I wonder if Mary or her dad appreciate being drawn into or drawing their own framework of selective outrage for telephone access to their chief law enforcement agency office. Perhaps her husband is the more reasonable of the two.

  • Droopy: Master Sergeant
    Posted at 08:45h, 21 October Reply

    The louder they scream the more that county board should look into things. Strongholds are not torn down easily or quickly. Reformation going on in Shelby county.

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