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July 14, 2024

Paris Union School District No. 95 Celebrates Effective Governance and Welcomes New Board of Education Members –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On March 18, 2023

Date:  Saturday, March 18, 2023


Paris Union School District No. 95 Celebrates Effective Governance and Welcomes New Board of Education Members

Paris, IL – March 19, 2023 – Paris Union School District No. 95 is proud to celebrate the ongoing success of its highly effective Board of Education, which has consistently demonstrated the foundational principles of effective governance as outlined by the Illinois Association of School Boards (IASB) over the last seven years. This dedication to excellence has led to Paris 95 earning the prestigious IASB Governance Recognition Award for four consecutive years, an honor achieved by only 33 school districts in Illinois.

As two longstanding members, Amy Isaf and Jamey Littleton, prepare to retire, the district is excited to introduce the dedicated and well-prepared Chris Milam and Marc Dalbey as their successors.

The Paris 95 Board of Education has worked tirelessly to follow the Illinois Association of School Board guiding principles which include developing a strategic plan, engaging with the community, employing an effective superintendent, delegating authority, monitoring performance, and taking responsibility for itself. These efforts have been supported by numerous workshops, community forums, and targeted initiatives to build relationships with students, teachers, and community members.

The effective governance of the Board of Education has positioned Paris 95 as a premier school district in the region, with notable achievements that are focused on providing students opportunities, communicating with parents openly, and engaging the community at every opportunity.

According to a study by the Center for Public Education, effective governance teams are crucial for improving student achievement and district success (Center for Public Education, 2011). With this in mind, the Paris Union School District No. 95 Board of Education has collaborated closely with Chris Milam and Marc Dalbey, ensuring a smooth transition and continued excellence. Both new members have completed an official board member orientation, professional training through the IASB on the Open Meetings Act, leadership training, and Performance Evaluation Reform Act training. Additionally, they have regularly attended board meetings and IASB trainings. This has all be completed prior to being sworn which will occur on April 26 at 5 PM at the Board of Education reorganization meeting. The goal has been to prepare the incoming Board of Education members to have a seamless transition so they may begin effective governance on day one informed and prepared.

Jamey Littleton has dedicated four years of service to the Board of Education since 2019, while Amy Isaf has contributed an impressive 13 years since 2010. Their commitment to education and the community will be deeply missed, but the district is confident that Chris Milam and Marc Dalbey will carry on their legacy of excellence.

The statewide election on April 4, 2023, will formalize the transition, and the Paris Union School District No. 95 looks forward to the continued growth and success of its Board of Education under the guidance of these new members.


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