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June 13, 2024

College Threatened To Cancel Good Burger Contract Over Unsanitary Conditions –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On September 5, 2022

South Holland, IL. (ECWd) –

South Suburban College threatened to cancel its contract with “Good Burger” which is owned by Tiffany Henyard who is also the Mayor of Dolton (for now) and Thornton Township Supervisor.

Henyard failed to pay commissions for 4 years, then bounced a check she wrote to pay them.

Henyard failed to pay rent for 2 years.

Henyard failed to pay other commissions for more than 2 years.

On March 22, 2022, South Suburban College sent a letter to Tiffany Henyard complaining of both the financial and service obligations Good Burger had failed to comply with. The letter also informed Henyard and Good Burger that the college would terminate the contract if the issue were not fixed within 30 days

From among the sixteen matters requiring remediation, are:

  • The College has received numerous complaints regarding food choices and the lack of nutritionally balanced meals. Per the agreement, each menu must include options that provide for healthy and nutritionally balanced meals.
  • The College Café has been closed without notification since October 27, 2021. Per the agreement, the Café is required to be open Monday-Friday each week the College is open.
  • Good Burger has failed to provide daily or weekly menus in the Café. Per the agreement, such menus must be posted and include pricing information.
  • Good Burger has failed to maintain the Café to the required standard of immaculate. Per the agreement, the Café must meet all sanitation and food service standards at all times.
  • Good Burger has failed to post, display, or provide Cook County Department of Public Health Sanitation reports. Per the agreement, such reports must be completed with a minimum score of 90 and made available in the matter set forth above.
  • Good Burger has failed to steam, clean, sanitize or wipe specific equipment as required and the Café remains inadequately clean. Per the agreement, specific cleaning practices are required to maintain a safe food preparation environment.
  • Good Burger is required to maintain adequate staff to operate the Café. The Café has been without adequate staff since October, 2021.
  • Good Burger has failed to obtain College approval for all Good Burger Management personnel and has not engaged in any written consultation with the College regarding such personnel.
  • Good Burger is required to complete background investigations of all employees and consult with the College in the event of a positive criminal background investigation.
  • Good Burger has failed to pay the stated rental fee of $416.67 per month. The College has agreed to waive rental fees from March 16, 2020, through August 30, 2021, and January 2022. Therefore, an outstanding balance of $2,497.02 (six months of rental fees) is owed
  • Good Burger has failed to pay any vending sales commissions to the College. Per the agreement, Good Burger is obligated to pay 16% of the profit from all vending sales. The College is owed vending sales commissions from September 3, 2019, through the date of this letter
  • Good Burger has failed to pay any Café commissions for the last 4 years. Good Burger acknowledged that additional Café commissions were due in the amount of at least $1,057.16 and issued a check to the College on November 8, 2019. The check was returned for insufficient funds. The amount outstanding remains a minimum of $1,057.16. The College will not agree that this is a full payment until all required financial documentation is provided to support this payment and all previous years.

We will follow up after more public records are received either confirming compliance or confirming more failures.

Good Burger Letter 3-22-22


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