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July 14, 2024

State Rep Jaime Andrade Removed His Inaccurate Press Release From Social Media –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On August 7, 2022

Chicago, IL. (ECWd) –

Ilinois State Representative (40th) published a Press Release several days ago citing his appointment to “Lead Social Media and Online Extremism Working Group” which contained a reference to “having recently passed House Bill 3731.”

After reviewing House Bill 3731, it was evident the bill never passed, and was in fact Tabled in February 2022, on a Motion by Andrade himself – and most likely to never see the light of day in its current form.

We reached out to Andrade via email and his Facebook account asking him when the bill passed. Within an hour or so, the press release disappeared from his Facebook page.

We applaud his quick removal of the inaccurate information.

This Bill as introduced only applied to State Elected Officials and State Agencies and their employees to prevent false impersonation of those government officials, employees, and entities:

  • Synopsis As Introduced
    Amends the Department of Innovation and Technology Act. Requires the Department of Innovation and Technology to work to ensure the security of the social media and Internet presence of State elected officials and State agencies and, to the extent possible, reserve the use of State government online accounts, whether social media or email, for use only by State officials, State agencies, and employees thereof, to prevent false personation. Provides for the adoption of rules. Defines “false personation”.”

Edited to include Illinois House Dems have this listed on their webpage also – they should correct the press release if they are going to keep it online (or update the website to reflect which Bills have passed – if it has in fact passed)


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