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May 20, 2024

Shelby County Board Member Jeff Slifer Continues Disinformation Campaign

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On June 18, 2022

Shelby Co. (ECWd) –

Over the last two years, we have observed numerous unchecked statements from Shelby County Board members and chalked most of them up to simple ignorance.  However, it appears Board Member Jeff Slifer has chosen to take things to a new level that can not be left unchecked.

Slifer took to social media in yet another attempt to blame the current treasurer for things having nothing to do with her.

“Wow, Shelby County Citizens can you believe what our current treasure has done? “We just approved a 5000 dollar bill for legal council. It was ordered by the Judge. Really, folks, that bill is for 2 months of legal council. 250 bucks an hour. Chances are the county will lose these grievances.” (Jeff Slifer) 

For those that know little to nothing about county government, like Slifer, such a statement implies this legal expense lies on the treasurer, however, the truth is quite telling.

The treasurer did not hire this legal counsel, rather the State’s Attorney hand-picked him for an appointment by the court because she claimed a conflict.

The treasurer has no input on whether the county board settled grievances on this matter. It was the County Board who chose to not settle and let the chips fall where they may, because the truth of the matter is the FOP is grieving violations of the contract that they committed.  We can only assume the county board’s appointed legal counsel advised them to take that path, which again has nothing to do with the treasurer.

Slifer has been silent on the first legal bill on this matter, which the committee he is on approved.  He failed to address the fact there was no budget for it.  Rather than address that fact, he let it slide into the Sheriff’s budget line item as Holiday and Overtime which was already over budget.  Another failure by Slifer and others on that committee, not the treasurer.

“What in the world is county budgeting 2 million-plus for 029?? (029 is an account code for the General Fund)”

Considering the county board is responsible for approving the county budget, which includes 029, maybe he should ask the board rather than imply this is somehow an issue with the treasurer.

“She claims she has cut her office budget???”

This is Slifer’s way of implying she has not cut her budget, and rather than put the truth out there he leads people to a conclusion that supports his efforts to sway an election.

“Then why throw legal fees into 029 which is unbudgeted funds. stop the nonsense.”

Yes, Mr. Slifer, stop the nonsense. The treasurer had nothing to do with “throwing legal fees” into anything, let alone the 029 line item of the county budget.

First Slifer questions why the county is budgeting 2 million-plus for 029 then two sentences later stated that 029 is unbudgeted funds?  Which is it?  They are budgeted or not?  If they are not budgeted as claimed, why did you approve the bill?  The law outlines you can’t spend money unless it’s appropriated, so it would appear Slifer once again has failed to get key questions answered before approving bills.

“This is nothing but pure bull shit!!!!!  Wake up Shelby County, vote your conscience but be informed when you do. We cannot afford current treasures tom foolery, I’m begging vote Missy Haynes K.”

The last line of Slifer’s social media post tells it all.  Slifer is focused on politics rather than truth and accountability.  When board members refer to a treasurer who blew the whistle on massive contract violations and payroll malfeasance across the board as “tom foolery”, it’s clear the status quo has been upset and is pushing back rather than excepting the truth and fixing things.

Everything that Slifer implied in his political rant are things the treasurer had no say in at all, but rather are in the control of the county board, which includes Slifer for the time being.

What has Slifer done as a county board member?

  • Attempted to get the county to pay for fuel he purchased that filled his own farm tank that was then transferred to the tractor working the county farm ground.  When we questioned him on whether the fuel was metered to know how much of the fuel purchased was actually used for the county he falsely claimed it was when it wasn’t.  After that exposure, he chose to not submit the bill and instead tried to spin the matter into him “choosing” to donate that expense for the good of the county.
  • Approves bills to be paid when there was no budget for them, which is exactly what he is implying the treasurer has done when in fact it is Slifer with dirty hands.
  • Opined during the last county board meeting they believed there was a pending grant for body camera purchases as the justification for the contract being signed to purchase them, while failing once again to first realize there was never a budget appropriation for the contract in the first place.

While Slifer believed a grant was pending we find it ironic he sat silent about the fact the county board was lied to on the matter in the first place.  Where is his effort to hold those responsible for misrepresenting the matter to the entire county board?

In closing, let’s point to what the treasurer actually did.

She blew the whistle on contract violations and exposed a massive payroll problem. These problems were confirmed by the county audit as well as the forensic audit and anyone reading them can see the truth of that matter.  Additionally, we believe the letter signed by former Board Chairman Bobby Orman speaks volumes about what is really taking place with certain union issues in Shelby County. We urge everyone to read his letter.

I had asked Slifer a specific question regarding this email the current treasurer sent to the board.  My question was simple and people need to know, this email was LONG before Haynes chose to run for office.

“I am curious to know what steps you took, if any, back in May of 2021 when you were informed of the improper payroll for the very person you are pushing to be the next treasurer?”

His response tells the public what they need to know about Jeff Slifer when it comes to addressing problems in Shelby County.

Slifer: “I am curious who you think I’m pushing for treasurer?”
Me: “Don’t play stupid. Regardless of who YOU are supporting, what step did you take to address the matter when it was brought to your attention?”
Slifer: “Stupid I’m good at and actually exceed at.”
Me: “Maybe playing stupid but you are not stupid!”
Slifer: “The very same step 21 other board members done at the same given time.”

Slifer was unable to articulate a single thing he did to fix factual problems brought to him as a board member by the treasurer.  Rather than addressing the problem, his path has been nothing but pushing a political agenda to get the very person who was a recipient of improper compensation, according to the contract, elected.

When will Slifer let the public know the current legal bills he complains about were the result of Missy Haynes and others filing a grievance against the county?  Maybe if Slifer and others would have addressed the Treasurer’s concerns back in May of 2021 they would not be in the mess they are in.

Jeff Slifer, while it appears you have no problem driving things into the ground, we doubt the good citizens of Shelby County appreciate their county being driven into the ground.  Stop the tomfoolery.




Erica Emial to Board on overpayments



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  • Justice Seeker
    Posted at 16:01h, 18 June

    Jeff Slifer has done anything but represent the fine folks in his district. Most people in Shelby County see what is going on and they want representation of their for the spending of their money!