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July 14, 2024

Illinois Prison Review Board Named in Freedom of Information Act Law Suit –

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On March 7, 2022

Illinois (ECWd) –

The Illinois Prison Review Board is now facing a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit for allegedly violating the act by failing to do a proper search and provide requested records.  The suit alleges a willful violation based on their actions through the process.

“The Illinois Prisoner Review Board (PRB) is a separate entity from the Illinois Department of Corrections. The PRB is an independent body whose members are appointed by the Governor of Illinois. The PRB imposes release conditions for offenders exiting penal facilities, revokes and restores good conduct credits from inmates, conducts hearings to determine whether parolees have violated conditions of parole, and awards certificates of Relief from Disabilities and Certificates of Good Conduct. The PRB notifies victims and their families when an inmate is about to be released from custody. The Board also makes confidential recommendations to the Governor relative to executive clemency petitions.”

A copy of the complaint can be downloaded at this link or viewed below.



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