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July 20, 2024

“You’re Fired” – University of Michigan Board of Regents to U of M President Mark Schlissel –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On January 16, 2022

Michigan (ECWd) –

A January 15, 2022, letter from the Regents of the University of Michigan to its President, Dr. Mark Schlissel, and informed him of his termination as the President of the University of Michigan. They also terminated his September 23, 2021, Employment Agreement.

He was directed to return all university equipment and given 30 days to vacate the presidential house on South University Avenue.

Within the termination letter, the Board of Regents spell out various dates and comments they considered as “inconsistent with promoting the dignity and reputation of the University of Michigan” to a subordinate while using his university email account.

Read the 118 pages of emails (HERE).

The Regents indicated he was communicating with a subordinate through the university’s email system using inappropriate tone and inappropriate language, and that he was using the university email system to pursue and carry out a personal relationship with a subordinate.

Examples include:

  • On July I, 2021, you exchanged emails with the subordinate using your University of Michigan email. In this exchange, she states that her “heart hurts” to which you respond “i know. mine too.” You state that “this is my fault” and that you are “in pain too.” You finish with “I still wish I were strong enough to find a way.”
  • On January 9, 2021, you responded to an email from the subordinate’s official University of Michigan email address. In her email, the subordinate had said “Oh yes!” In your response you wrote: “Love it when you say that.” You made a similar remark in an email dated April 25, 2020.
  • On September 1, 2021, you wrote to the subordinate’s official University email address and referred to her as “sexier.”
  • On November 4, 2021, you emailed the subordinate with regard to a University of Michigan basketball game you were scheduled to attend as part of your official duties as President. In that email you expressed disappointment that you were potentially not sitting with the subordinate, stating “the only reason I agreed to go was to go with you. there is a conspiracy against me.”
  • On December 3, 2021, you responded to the subordinate regarding the Big Ten Championship “President’s Suite briefing Info” stating that “You can give me a private briefing.”

The Regents concluded the letter by stating that according to his agreement, he has 10 days to cure a breach after notice, but this has occurred over an extended, years-long timeframe and is not curable. Because this breach is not curable, no notice is required.

Read the letter below:




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  • Cynthia S.
    Posted at 13:10h, 16 January Reply

    He deserves what happened.

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