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June 17, 2024

DuPage Twp Officials received email alleging COVID-19 concerns –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On December 2, 2020

DuPage Township, IL. (ECWd) –

We were forwarded the below email which was sent to the Township Supervisor and Trustees:

Good Morning Supervisor George & Trustees,

I would like to start by thanking you again for your continued support of xxxxxxxxxx. 

I am however very disappointed on a very personal level, I have been to the township multiple times over the last 2 weeks for paperwork regarding our contract. I received a call from Ms. xxxxxxxx on Sunday that she had tested positive for Covid-19. I was not made aware of this by the township but by xxxxxxxxxxx herself. 

It is also my understanding that she was at your Turkey Drive last week with the elder citizens and to my knowledge NO ONE has been made aware of this. You have now put me and my family at risk but everyone I come in contact with but more importantly those involved with your Turkey Drive. 

I would hope that you would have made a public announcement that “Unfortunately, one of our staff has tested positive and was in attendance at the Turkey Drive, please take proper precautions..” 

Also with all my visits to the Township, I have never seen Ms. Linda Young with a mask on. This is very scary knowing that she was just in contact and works closely with xxxxxxxxx. She also works closely with people at the Levy center and the staff who interact with our elderly community.  As a leader of the township, she needs to be setting the example for her staff. Can you tell me what kind of actions will be taken to stop this spread? Why is no action being taken against Ms. Linda Young for not following CDC protocol to protect employees and our citizens from lack of leadership and safety?   

Also I know the Township caucuses was held last night with over 75 people that employees attended and jeopardized those people and their families as well.

Lack of action is what has led to the further spread of this pandemic. I request that this is made public as a sign of transparency rather than word spread across facebook and or media and causing further damage to an already tumultuous board.

Lee Bush Jr.


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  • cynthia
    Posted at 13:26h, 02 December Reply

    What irresponsible incompetent people. is it any wonder the Republicans have lost Dupage? One is worse than the other. This is NOT my Republican party. Shame on all of them for not following protocols.

    • Alyssia Benford
      Posted at 14:41h, 02 December Reply

      The Republicans have not lost DuPage. This is not a political party matter. I am one of the trustees and unfortunately we did not receive an email or a text from the township notifying us that an employee had tested positive. Upon receipt of this email today, I can tell you that I have made several phone calls to determine how this matter is being addressed.

      • PK
        Posted at 15:59h, 02 December Reply

        Contact tracing by the Will County Health Dept?

        I wish you the best of luck on your bid for township supervisor, Ms. Benford.

    • Aaron
      Posted at 15:19h, 02 December Reply

      If someone is worried about contracting the plague, he/she should stay at home. Period.

  • Sarah
    Posted at 14:09h, 02 December Reply

    If you are worried about getting sick, injured, or generally having bad stuff happen to you, there are plenty of large rocks to hide under. The rest of us are not responsible for you. Learn to deal with it because you are not going to like the society that comes out of this.

  • Frank Miller
    Posted at 15:22h, 02 December Reply

    “I have seen hundreds and hundreds of children since early 2020. They are all afraid. Years ago one of our presidents said, we have nothing to fear but fear itself. How did we get from that to, we must be afraid, fear is good, fear is mandated, and worst of all, fear is virtuous. Well one step in that direction occurred in the last few months, when I began noticing a very odd and unsettling phenomenon. Not only have Americans become afraid, they have become infected by a pandemic. A pandemic of hysteria. I’m not talking about the virus. I’m talking about delusional psychosis. A delusion is a fixed false belief, contrary to reality. Americans today believe that we must keep our businesses closed. That we must keep our children at home. That we must wear masks over our faces, and isolate ourselves from human beings in order to keep us alive. That is false, that is a lie, and it is killing us. It is killing us physically, mentally, socially, and psychologically. It is killing our country, and it must stop.” – Dr. Mark McDonald

    • HT
      Posted at 15:41h, 02 December Reply

      Simple, the tyrants know that fear works, especially when there’s no perspective for comparison. Without fear, how could the mass be controlled?

      Keep people in the dark about any real data or science, stoke up fear, use the media to repeat, repeat, and repeat until the fear is real.

      This is so redundant, but look at how all of the past and current commie regimes got and keep their grips on their people. Humanity has the benefit of science and history, and we’re at the pinnacle of the information age, and yet we still choose to ignore history and give in to fear. Completely amazing!

  • HT
    Posted at 15:32h, 02 December Reply

    Looks like this Planned-demic has given so many insignificant droops the sudden power to virtual signal about what’s good for everyone.

    How about we all start raising the alarm at these potential and real dangers:
    – There’s a millenial leftist in the crowd that’s about to go burn, loot, and kill. How many of these calls have been made since May?
    – Calling 911 to report seeing adults smoking a fat joint right before they get in the car, with their infant kids in the car. This was in the parking lot of medical clinic on Roosevelt.
    – Calling your alderman, who happens to live in your neighborhood, to call for police to come and disperse the millenial blm crowd out prematurely celebrating china joe’s successful cheat. And the alderman joined the crowd, no mask on. The horror!!

    Yup, the above were and remain real dangers that no one gave a damn about when calls to 911 were made. Given the choice between getting a bad flu and having to face any of the above, any average person would make the right choice and not be so soft.

    RINO’s are just Rats in sheep’s clothing.

  • jannie
    Posted at 18:15h, 02 December Reply

    This is not fear this is common sense, You don’t expose yourself to a possible health issue (measles, mumps, smallpox, polio, etc). Yes we do have vaccines for this, but not always- measles, mumps, polio example. People should have been notified that someone had tested positive. It has nothing to do with politics it is a health issue. Their Health Department should have given them guidance as to how to handle it.

    • HT
      Posted at 19:07h, 02 December Reply

      Yeah, no vaccines or guarantees for most calamities and risks in life, yet, life persists.

      Suppressing the natural instinct to move on and just wait for some authority to protect you is not natural. It’s worse if that weakness is projected onto others and create some false mandate for everyone else in society.

      Safest bet is just to stay in the basement for good.

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