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May 29, 2024

DuPage Township: The Facts In These Allegations Of Racism Are Deeply Concerning –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On December 5, 2020

DuPage Township, IL. (ECWd) –

Page 8 – the missing page showing why there was such an angry rush to judgment against the person who notified the supervisor of allegations of different treatment based on race, which lead to the originally accused filing a complaint against that trustee, resulting in a gigantic nothing-burger of a final report (except for this Page 8).

I spoke about the “missing” Page 8 during public comment at the DuPage Township Special Board Meeting – it is from the confidential report leaked to a person in Florida, who posted the reported findings – and somehow magically “forgot” to upload Page 8, or it was conveniently left out of the pages given to her by the trustee(s) who snapped the photos of the rest of the report.

The facts presented in these matters are deeply concerning” and “employees sought out Trustee Benford to assist in their complaint about Linda not permitting them to attend training like their white counterparts were permitted to attend

Here are some of the alleged statements and findings made on this elusive Page 8:

  • Both African American women believed that they were treated differently from their white counterparts
  • However, they would like for the facts to speak for themselves
  • Employees approached Trustee Benford for her assistance in finding about their treatment
  • The facts are deeply concerning
  • Benford told the employees she would help
  • Benford filed a complaint with the Township Supervisor and the Township Attorney
  • While the facts are deeply concerning, the Board must determine whether the complaining employee (the white supervisor) did not allow the two African American employees [to attend training under the same conditions as their white counterparts] and to determine if the allegations are false.
  • and for the Board to determine is Benford was within her duties to question the purported disparity in treatment, and if proven, whether this would be a reason for employee (the white supervisor) discipline as abusive or inconsistent treatment of others.

For this Board to not make any determinations on this allegation of racism speaks volumes against their angry special meeting trying to punish the trustee who filed the initial complaint, which then leads to another complaint filed against that trustee by the person who is alleged to have committed the acts of denying the same treatment of African American employees as were afforded their white counterparts.

The Truth is finally coming to light, and we will provide future updates as more information becomes available.


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  • Tired of Corrupt and inefficient Government
    Posted at 09:41h, 05 December Reply

    Well here in downstate il we don’t have townships with large supervisor salaries and benefits and we don’t have crews of people to take care of township business. Folks on the north you could save yourself a lot of tax dollars if you would shut this kind of nonsense down. A township supervisor does not need to be a full time job with subordinates. It’s this kind on nonsense that creates the expensive corruption and corruption is expensive! And in my opinion general assistance needs to go away. We already have a public aid system in this state and we don’t need to duplicate services. And last I checked there isn’t one local community in this state that is not being served by the states public aid system. I say that because I’m guessing these individuals who are being discriminated against by the supervisor are involved in administering general assistance.

  • Just looking
    Posted at 22:59h, 07 December Reply

    I don’t think it’s the supervisor, think that’s part times Sounds like this is employees

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