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July 18, 2024

Shelby County – Chairman Bruce Cannon embarrassed – Now seeking to “legally” hire Ed Flynn – Admission hiring was illegal?

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On July 6, 2020

Shelby Co., IL. (ECWd) –

As the Shelby County Board tries to figure out their next move in their effort to pay a private attorney hired in violation of the law, improperly closed session discussions included an interesting admission from County Board Chairman Bruce Cannon.

“I haven’t talked to Ed since this began, I’m frankly, I’m embarrassed”

Making a mistake is no reason to be embarrassed, however, refusing to follow the law is.  The Board continues to seek ways to force the Treasurer to pay the bill of the Attorney, even though there are now two lawsuits pending that will eventually rule on that issue.

Part of the improper discussion included a comment by Chairman Cannon indicating they need to “legally” hire Ed Flynn.  Such a statement appears to be an acknowledgment he was hired illegally, otherwise, there would be no need to hire him “legally”.

Ed Flynn has sued the County and Treasurer for payment of his invoices, however, with such a statement from the County Chairman being on record it will surely throw yet another wrench into Flynn’s efforts to be paid.

Several other comments confirm that Cannon has absolutely no clue what he is doing.

He wants the County to hire Flynn legally yet no such hiring can be legal.  Only the State’s Attorney can hire an attorney for legal services.

He wants a resolution created for that hiring, again failing to accept the fact it is not an action the County Board can take, whether in a resolution or any other fashion.

While the law is crystal clear on the limited avenues a State’s Attorney can hire an attorney, it’s also crystal clear Cannon is not reading the law on the matter.

Much like prior discussions we exposed, this recording also continues with attacks and lies about the current County Treasurer, Erica Firnhaber.

Cannon claims the Personal Director, which is the Treasurer, has drawn two lawsuits.  That is not true.  While Ed Flynn has named the Treasurer in his suit against the County, there is no other lawsuit naming her.  While the County is facing two suits related to Ed Flynn, the second suit was brought by a future County Board member that beat Bruce Cannon in the primary, 77 to 23.

Additional comments by Cannon had to be corrected by the County Clerk who stated Cannon’s statements about the Treasurer were not true.

Discussions that should concern every taxpayer is the way taxpayer money is being given away for compensation for time not worked.  It sounds like the County paid people for not working during the COVID-19 shutdown, which should not have happened as that is what unemployment is for, and now those department heads are giving ‘comp’ time to those who did work since they did not get paid time off like others.

They confirm these people have not been disadvantaged and such payments are not in their contract.  Such payments could well bring yet another lawsuit from a taxpayer.

Stay tuned for exposure of more closed session discussions.


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  • PK
    Posted at 13:12h, 06 July Reply

    Recently, county boards are to provide a line item budget to the office of the SA for purpose of ‘contracting’ with a private attorney(s)?

  • Kathiann
    Posted at 15:20h, 06 July Reply

    Some people don’t know what to do with the word “no”. It makes them crazy.

  • Julie Dutton
    Posted at 15:31h, 06 July Reply

    Same on governor
    Prisker shame on you
    Go jail
    Police is coming for you

  • Harry Jackson
    Posted at 22:42h, 06 July Reply

    Incredible….and people want to point fingers at others about not following the “rules” How can we ever expect others to be honest and forthcoming, when here at the very basic levels of Government you are so willing to bend and at times, simply disregard the rule of law?

    I think the citizens of Shelby County should think long and hard about the people we elect to lead our County. If there is ever a question as to why Shelby County is overlooked, or so often disregarded we should look no further to not only the exorbitant number of Township Representatives, but also to the ones offering their uneducated and uninformed opinions in matters of grave importance.

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