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April 25, 2024

Feds release Criminal Complaint on Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder and others –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On July 21, 2020


Federal prosecutors have release the Criminal Complaint against the following:

  • Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder,
  • Jeffery Longstreth (Householder’s chief political strategist),
  • Neil Clark (owner of Grant Street Consultants),
  • Matthew Borges (Registered Lobbyist),
  • Juan Cespedes (“key middleman” and multi-client lobbyist), and
  • Generation Now (funneled money and registered as a 501(c)(4) non profit).

In the Complaint, prosecutors allege that:

  • since 2016 engaged and conspired to engage in racketeering activity
  • multiple acts of bribery
  • and acts of racketeering in the conduct of enterprise
  • Householder’s Enterprise received around $60 million from Company “A” entities paid through “Generation Now”
  • Householder’s Enterprise helped pass House Bill 6, described by an Enterprise member as a billion-dollar bailout initiative
  • Money passed through various entities, and Householder’s Enterprise then used those bribe payments to further the goal of the Enterprise, which included:
    • obtaining, preserving, and expanding Householder’s political power in Ohio through the receipt of secret payments
    • enriching and benefitting the enterprise, its members, and associates
    • promoting, concealing and benefitting its members and associates from public exposure and possible criminal prosecution

The scheme and background are a must-read!

Read the scheme and how it worked below in the Charging Instrument:




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