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July 24, 2024

Pecatonica Township Board stripped woman of her Right to Vote in upcoming election –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On January 23, 2020

Winnebago Co., IL. (ECWd) –

From the Left: Attorney John M. Nelson, Trustee Boomer, Trustee Zimmerman

Last month we reported on Pecatonica Township’s banning of Rogene Hamilton from township property for 6 months and 10 days. We believe a township does not have the power to ban people from a public meeting by way of resolution or ordinance, rather, they must gain approval by the Courts in a civil action.

Mrs. Hamilton is an elector in Pecatonica Township, and this alleged ban is in force beyond the Annual Township Meeting of the Electors.

Electors, or residents of the township registered to vote, exercise their right to vote during this annual meeting.

By threatening to arrest and prohibiting Hamilton from stepping on Township Property, they took away her right to vote.

Voting is a protected activity under Illinois and Federal Laws and Constitutions.

Township Attorney John Nelson wrote the resolution at the direction of Township Supervisor Joe Musso (the first military Veteran I’ve seen to trample on free speech and the right to vote all in one resolution).

It was presented to the Board in November 2019, and those trustees aligned with Musso (Trustees Boomer and Zimmerman) in trampling in free speech and voting rights, voted to ban Hamilton from township property. This was orchestrated because they did not like what she said during public comment at township meetings.

Supervisor Musso did not attend the Jan 2020 meeting.

The video of the January 2020 township meeting is below. I talked about the voting rights issue during public comment.

Public comment starts at the 3:40 mark, and my remarks start at the 9:30 mark.

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  • Jim
    Posted at 02:43h, 24 January Reply

    AS always Mr. Kraft Thank you for standing up for the people of Illinois.

  • Brad Graven
    Posted at 10:21h, 24 January Reply

    It’s just that me for township government to go away . A relic of the past that no longer serves a purpose.

    • Brad Graven
      Posted at 10:22h, 24 January Reply

      Sorry for the typo not sure how the word ” me” got in there .
      It should say ……it’s just time for township government …….

    • Christopher Johnson
      Posted at 08:09h, 27 January Reply

      Maybe. County could take care of the roads and i’m sure they could figure out the taxes. I’d imagine road costs could drop in the overall picture, based on larger contracts and larger inventories of materials used. But what about number three. The duty to look after your constituents and assist. That’s the tough one.

      • NMWTLS
        Posted at 10:17h, 28 January Reply

        Number three, general assistance, is the LEAST reason to keep township government. General assistance is often abused as it is ONLY for those who cannot get any other form of public assistance. It would be hard for anyone to qualify for township general assistance in this day and age.

  • Christopher Johnson
    Posted at 12:36h, 24 January Reply

    The idea that a citizen can be barred from addressing her elected representative truly throws me. I just don’t know if that is ever the right thing to do. There must be better answers and that means more insightful questions need to be asked. Figure out what the problem is and take care of it. That’s just how life goes and that hasn’t changed since before you could even vote and thus even care about the outcome of this situation.

  • Mary
    Posted at 13:03h, 24 January Reply

    It is absolutely breathtaking. Who does Musso think he is? King? Does Mrs. Hamilton have grounds for a lawsuit?

  • Michael Hagberg
    Posted at 14:30h, 24 January Reply

    Did I understand that one of the Trustees doesn’t take the healthcare offered so the Township makes a donation to a non-profit organization?

    That doesn’t seem legal.

    • jmkraft
      Posted at 14:59h, 24 January Reply

      that was the road commissioner they were talking about

  • Joan Knutsen
    Posted at 13:49h, 27 January Reply

    This is unconscionable and I hope that it goes viral and that a Human Rights Attorney picks up her case quickly! I was born and raised in a small town only a couple of miles up the road, but I am now proud to call Washington State my home.

  • Leigh Clark
    Posted at 23:55h, 27 January Reply

    While trickle-down economics was unsuccessful, since the last election, trickle-down conduct of mismanagement, abuse of power, lies and bullying in attempts to keep those away who would dare to question or promote a varying viewpoint, have proven successful. However, this breach of public trust has gone too far, and now public sentiment seeks to vote out these same individuals on all levels and reduce layers of this type of governing. If we lose township government in Pecatonica, I believe it will be attributable to the very actions taken by Trustees Zimmerman, Boomer and Supervisor Musso- this includes the improper handling of funds and the refusal to be able to view canceled checks to ensure fiscal responsibility, unequal treatment towards the public, disrespect among the board and to the public, impeding public to speak, the arrests of citizens attending meetings, discrepancies in financials, an investigation that Supervisor Musso and the Board Attorney wouldn’t tell their board about when questioned, questions regarding the handling the General Assistance Fund, unilateral actions costing the taxpayers money, including learning most recently about the deeding away township property, failure of the board to be informed, and the despicable banning and taking away of Mrs. Hamilton’s right to vote. Thank you, Mr. Kraft, and the Edgar County Watchdogs for all you do.

  • J.D. Ruybal
    Posted at 00:26h, 05 February Reply

    Here is another example of a systemic problem plaguing our country. Windsor/Weld county Colorado have no problem demonstrating that they represent corporate interests over the interests and rights of We The People. Sad – This is only one example out of many. Oh and shortly after this Windsor mayor was honored.
    We all need to be diligent in protecting our rights to life, liberty and justice.

    If I copied the URL right; The first link starts at the start of the discussion. The second is where our mayor made it abundantly clear where her priority’s are.
    —- —— —— —– ——- —– ——– —- ———– ——– ——– ——–

    And this is what I sent to all town board members after walking out:

    Interesting how a man – in a suit, sitting in a front-row, at the edge of an aisle seat, was the only person to be called to speak…Industry expert ? (His job/company – trucking).

    Trucking is a different expertise over one who operates a drill rig and/or fracks (in a residential area).

    And in his introduction… Surprise surprise he is a “candidate” running for office…Fascinating how he was able to “publicly” deliver his stump speech – in a town meeting… And his message just happened to be tied to the same ole “Jobs” justification. Then he leaves almost immediately after his speech ???

    After that and after protest from town board members no other person was allowed to approach the microphone…Curious

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