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Joliet Township – “Clerk punched the Supervisor in his face” – Part XVI

Will Co. (ECWd) –

We covered the Township Clerk’s alleged violation of the Township Violence Policy which resulted in her being banned from going to the Road District office in this article.  That incident dealt with verbal screaming and attempted intimidation of Road District staff.  It appears from the statements we have recieved, screaming and intimidation attempts may have been just the beginning for the Township Clerk.

We have now recieved a written statement that claims there was physical violence by the Township Clerk, Beth Ann May against the Supervisor Danial Vera.

“They Continued to argue and were both screaming at each other then the Clerk punched the Supervisor in his face. I broke them apart and she left.”

The incident was significant enough for the Supervisor to have the matter documented internally with both photographs and a letter.  As we understand it, the police were not called, however, the photographs appear to warrant that call.

We have asked for copies of a letter the Supervisor asked a witness to prepare along with his copies of the photos he had taken of himself.   Of the photographs we have obtained, it appears the Supervisor was clocked on the left side of his face and eye area.  We have been told he recieved permanent eye damage but have been unable to confirm that information.

It appears from the photographs we have obtained, the left side of his face in the eye and forehead area is the impact zone of the alleged beat-down.

We have asked both the Clerk and the Supervisor for comment but have not recieved any response.  In the event they choose to be transparent about alleged workplace violence and respond to our questions we will publish them in an updated article.




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  1. This lady….. if you can call her a lady…. is full of vinegar….. she is pure venom all the time in the office! Past and current employees could tell you of all the colorful outbursts that she has rained in her years as the Clerk. To be honest, it really is a surprise that this is the first time she had become physical. She gets into violent rages, so bad she shakes at times in the office. She’s no saint!

    • So many employees have left because of her and guess what, they’re now looking for another part time deputy town clerk! Funny how they are requiring someone to have voted democratic–didn’t think you could exclude someone based on ANYTHING much less their voting record!

  2. The pictures don’t show nothing next time he’ll show an employee some respect who knows how long he had been harassing her she values her job I’m sure at this point she said the hell with it

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