Federal Grand Jury Subpoenaed Freeport Housing Authority –

Freeport, IL. (ECWd) –

Apparently the Freeport Housing Authority is under a federal criminal investigation. The US Department of Justice issued a Federal Grand Jury Subpoena to the Freeport Housing Authority on November 19, 2019.

Pursuant to an official criminal investigation, the subpoena asked for records, dated between January 1, 2009 to present, related to:

  • withdrawals or requests for money from HUD’s Line of Credit System, which includes contracts, invoices, etc
  • receipts and payments to vendors or contractors
  • payments made from vendors or contractors
  • signature cards of all bank accounts controlled by the Freeport Housing Authority
  • board meeting minutes including any and all board resolutions
  • all Section 3 agreements
  • everything related to Northern Illinois Community Connections
  • everything related to Workplace Development Initiative
  • everything related to the Peter Flynn Scholarship Fund and Scholarship Luncheon
  • personnel files of the following former or current Housing Authority employees:
    • Larry Williams
    • Andra Taylor
    • Odessa Walker
    • Brenda Westfall
    • Thomas Cassidy
    • Mark Greenfield

Read the subpoena below:



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  1. The current administration of the Freeport Housing Authority commissioned a forensic audit in 2018. After spending over $24,000 of tax dollars they’ve refused to release the audit. What are they covering up? They are just marginally better than their predecessors that were named in the subpoena. The lame response from the Freeport Housing Authority to the Edgar County Watchdogs didn’t mention the coverup among other things. Thankfully the Watchdogs have submitted a FOIA to the Freeport Housing Authority for the results of the forensic audit.

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