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April 18, 2024

Wesley Township – Former highway commissioner John Norton testimony impeached by his own witness

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On October 26, 2019

Will Co. (ECWd)

During this week’s wrap up of the former Westly Township Highway Commissioner John Norton hearing, which resulted in a Stalking / No Contact Order, Norton found himself in quite a pickle with his own witness.

During a previous hearing, Norton testified under oath to the following; (see transcript here)

Question: “Are you presently employed?”

Answer: “NO”

Question: “Were you employed during the month of August 2019?”

Answer: “NO”

Question: “Were you employed during the month of September 2019”

Answer: “NO”

So according to Norton, he is not employed and was not during the dates in question.

To our surprise, Norton’s attorney called Wesley Township Trustee Jim Spinale to the stand.  Norton’s own attorney questioned Spinale regarding his mowing business and the fact Norton works for him was confirmed. I guess Norton’s attorney forget the prior testimony because his questioning opened the door to prove Norton was not honest in his prior testimony.

During the cross-examination, Spinale confirmed that he employes John Norton.

That being the case, all indications are John Norton lied under oath when he claimed he was not employed.

The Judge’s ruling made specific reference to Norton’s lack of credibility in his testimony compared to the petitioners.  Sitting in the courtroom during the proceedings it was clear the Judge was not going to tolerate any of Norton’s games.  He was verbally admonished when he and his attorney attempted to create wiggle room for the no stalking no-contact order.

There is another glaring lie told during the precedings that will be exposed in a future article.

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