Former Wesley Twp Trustee admits to racist message, says taken out of context –

Wilmington, IL. (ECWd) –

Our previous article exposed what most would consider a racist comment about Wesley Township charging for camping to try and “keep the blacks and Mexicans from overrunning the township park” (here).

We now have additional confirmation that former Wesley Township Trustee Debbie Tennant sent the message, and according to Daily-Journal reporter David Giuliani, she said it was not meant to be racist and was taken out of context.

See the message by clicking here.

During last night’s Township Trustee Meeting, the board was presented with this message, and several other comments about this message, and asked to reconsider their true reason for an upcoming vote to prohibit camping at the park since campers are refusing to pay a camping fee.

Public comment was where the message was presented to the Board – two Trustees decided not to attend this meeting after accusations of theft of a tent, the same tent which Trustee Kennedy was accused of illegally entering to leave a note demanding a camping fee last month.

Kraft and Allen, both from ECWd, provide comment on the message, and the legal opinion obtained by the township:

Next, George Pearson, Will County Republican Chairman provided comment on the message:

Township Supervisor’s response to Pearson’s comment:

A Wilmington Police Officer’s response to the message:


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      • Racial attacks and hate crimes against minorities have increased substantially since Trump started his campaign of hate. Trump normalizes these words and uses these words to spread fear for his own political power. It must be condemned on all levels, especially in government.

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