Wesley Township admits no such thing as Twp Park Ranger –


During its June 18, 2019 Special Township Board Meeting, the Board finally admitted there was no such position within the township as a “Park Ranger” – something we have been saying for several months.

This should prove interesting, as Township Trustee Kathy Kennedy has used her “title” as “Park Ranger” in recent court filings.

On March 4, 2019, Kennedy signed a Sworn Statement attesting that “as part of my duties, I supervise the Township Park and act as “Park Ranger.”” Now that the Superivsor and a board member have finally admitted to the truth, that there is no Park Ranger in a Township Park, we wonder what the Circuit Court Judge will say about this now-known false statement.

It should be noted that she made no attempt to correct the board members on the Park Ranger status and actually thanked the board member for his statement that the term Park Ranger is nothing more than a term of endearment.

Considering Kennedy’s attorney has filed a motion to Dismiss in her civil action using what appears to be a false affidavit, they may wish to reconsider that action as a motion for sanctions may be in order.

Watch this video clip from the meeting:

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  1. Maybe she meant “park ranger” as in Yogi Bear is a “park ranger”. Did she actually use the air quotes?

  2. Since public official Kathy Kennedy, sua sponte, in a sworn court filing, claimed she is a “park ranger”, maybe the court should, sua sponte, hold a fitness hearing to determine if public official Kathy Kennedy is a “space ranger.”

    A proper judge should not appreciate the casual, flip and arrogant regard in which Kennedy appears to hold the court and sworn pleadings.