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May 23, 2024

Township Supervisor vacancy bill passes out of both houses – next stop, the Governor

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On May 17, 2019

Illinois (ECWd)

State Representative Brad Halbrook was the Chief Sponsor of HB 3141, which was legislation to fix the problems encountered when the office of Township Supervisor becomes vacant. The primary problem created with a vacancy of that office was the fact no one could get paid when there was no Supervisor.  Recent examples of that were found in Shelbyville and DuPage Townships.

This was the second time Representative Halbrook filed this legislation.  It failed in the Senate the first time, however ,the second attempt succeeded with Senator Chapin Rose moving it through.   The bill passed with unanimous votes in both Houses and now moves on to the Governor for either a Veto or a Signature.  We will update when we know his actions on the bill.

The bill is described as follows:

Provides that if there is a vacancy in the office of township supervisor, a trustee shall be appointed as deputy supervisor to perform the ministerial functions of that office until the vacancy is filled and that once vacancy is filled, the deputy supervisor’s appointment is terminated. Removes language providing that an appointed supervisor shall fulfill the bond requirement for township supervisors and an appointed supervisor may be a trustee appointed by a majority vote of the trustees. Provides that if the township office is temporarily vacant (rather than vacant or temporarily vacant due to the physical incapacity of a township officer), the temporarily appointed deputy may perform the ministerial functions of the vacant office until the township officer submits a written statement to the appropriate board that he or she is able to resume his or her duties.

The actual language of the bill as passed can be read (here) – keep in mind that underlines are additions to the statute, and strikeouts are deletions from the statute.

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