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Employment agreements with NECAS employees


Below are the employment agreements for the Northern Edgar County Ambulance Service, NECAS, which were signed at the last meeting without the issue ever being placed on an agenda, nor voted on during a meeting.

The employees signing the agreements are:

  • David Craig
  • Tommy Elliot
  • Victoria Johnson

There was some discussion with board members when I asked about this agreement, and certain board members didn’t think they needed to provide copies of it, nor tell anyone how much these public employees were paid.

They were wrong.

These agreements are on the agenda for tomorrow night’s meeting for discussion and approval.

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  1. These pay schedules for those being paid $450 for 60 hours of work, calculate to $7.50 per hour. Are these folks certified EMTs? If so, wow, just wow! Or, even if they’re not, just wow!

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