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July 18, 2024

Commissioner Myers resigned from the Vermilion County Regional Airport Authority

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On June 11, 2018


Within days of our article explaining that 4 of the 5 Vermilion County Regional Airport Authority Commissioners were disqualified from serving in that capacity, Commissioner Jonathan Myers made the correct and honorable decision to resign from the Board of Commissioners.

Now if the other 3 unqualified commissioners would do the same, things could move forward with this Airport Authority.

On the Vermilion County Board’s Agenda (page 2) for tonight’s county board meeting is the appointing of Joseph Vincent, 3704 Randy lane, Danville, Illinois to the vacancy created by the resignation of Jonathan Myers.

The Airport Authorities Act prescribe some fairly stringent rules qualifications/disqualifications of Airport Authority Commissioners. We wrote about them (here and here).

After tonight’s county board meeting, there will be only two legitimate, qualified commissioners (Tom Day and Joseph Vincent) of the five-member Airport Authority Board of Commissioners. Kind of makes us wonder how they plan on obtaining a quorum for the Airport Authority meeting later this month.

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