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April 19, 2024

Country Club Hills – Forensic report points to Hillary style “wiping” of hard drives.

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On January 7, 2018

Cook Co. (ECWd) –

Destruction of records without authorization from the State is a crime in Illinois, but then again this is Illinois. We first exposed the pornographic addiction problem taking place at the Country Club Hills Fire Department just shy of one year ago in this article.  Additional followup articles were in February in this article, then October in this article

In spite of court-ordered sanctions and clear knowledge of litigation, efforts were made to pull a Hillary and “wipe” the hard drives in what appears to be an effort to either cover up the addiction within the walls of the publicly funded Fire Station, or to mitigate what’s coming; a ruling against them.

In spite of all the attempts to destroy the evidence, Garrett Discovery has once again been able to recover a substantial amount of data, much like he did in Iroquois County where bi-county Health Department employees were doing much of the same as Country Club Hills employees.

We obtained a copy of the Country Club Hills forensic report and it should infuriate the people of this state.  The taxpayers deserve better and we believe it’s high time for the State’s Attorney to take appropriate action and charge those responsible for attempting to destroy evidence in what may well be one of the sickest events I have ever read about inside the walls of a Fire Station.

“Based on the totality of the evidence, defendants took many actions between the initiation of Plaintiff’s IDHR charge and litigation hold obligations, including throughout this case, to the time they actually allowed for examination of the computers. Below are some of the actions taken by the defendants after the filing of the suit and well after the time notified to not allow for destruction of data. I will not opine as to whether or not the actions were willful or intentional as those are legal conclusions. I can only offer what is in evidence as facts and based on the facts I think that one could make their own conclusion at to the conduct and actions of the defendants.”

To see just how bad things are, pay particular attention to pages 41-43.  Of particular interest:

“Plaintiff and Defendants expert both filed reports showing the usage of computers to surf pornography contrary to defendants HR Investigation results, IT Investigation results, and testimony at deposition of the defendants

FILE-STAMPED-Report on Country Club Hills


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  • LT
    Posted at 07:29h, 08 January

    How about leaving the partisanship out of it?

  • Robert O. Bogue
    Posted at 21:19h, 08 January

    Without a doubt, these public officials are determined to keep their criminal activities and those of there subordinates hidden from the view of the taxpayers. Let’s see how well our court system deals with this and where it goes.
    If your really sick of this type of behavior. If you truly what a better state, if you want to bring white collar crime and shenanigans like this…..(perpetrated by some of the highest paid state employees) to an end, if your totally frustrated with Illinois Government….there is something can do.
    Something only you can do. Something you can do without risking political rebuttal or loosing your job or even speaking publicly. Send money to those that are trying to bring it to an end. Send money to the good guys. Consider a monthly contribution to the Edgar County Watchdogs. They’ve got you back. Freedom isn’t free any more…never was and neither is good government.

    Doing nothing…….. will not make anything better here in Illinois…for your self, your children or your neighbors. Donate to those that have proven they care about their country. I do.