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July 13, 2024

Fosterburg notified Carlinville Nov. 17th about their decision to ditch Alluvial Regional Water Company –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On December 4, 2017


Our last article suggested that the new regional water company was not forthcoming about the status of Fosterburg Water District’s membership (in Illinois Alluvial Regional Water Company).

I also commented the appearance was that things were happening behind the scenes, but Fosterburg Water District’s Manager once again confirmed it no longer is a member of the water company and has no future plans to be a member:

Simple answer – FWD IS OUT, NO OTHER ACTION IS BEING CONTEMPLATED!.  Yes, FWD did look into the legislative part, an e-mail dated  10-25-17 (See “Legislation”) and yes, FWD did make contact some of our political representatives  in an e-mail dated  10-25-17 (See “Legislation”), but nothing came out of this, or has anything been acted on, nor does FWD plan on acting on any portion thereof.  FWD is out. This was correspondence that was completed after FWD October Business meeting and before the November business meeting. The only part FWD will have to do with the group is if FWD should be contacted for input, or if the group are looking for potential buyers, then and only then will FWD be in discussions with the group.

I sent a Freedom of Information Act request to the FWD for records related to the regional water company.

Those responsive records clearly show that FWD notified all members of the water company on November 17, 2017 that they had voted to pull out of the concept and would no longer be involved in its formation. This was sent 2 weeks prior to the last IARWC meeting.

When the question was asked during the regional water company meeting, the chairman went to great lengths to avoid commenting on it, and no board member spoke up on the subject – kind of like they knew, but did not want to admit to it.

Watch that interaction below starting at the 5:59 mark:

Illinois Alluvial Region Water Company and Fosterburg Water District

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  • Mare
    Posted at 15:14h, 04 December Reply

    what does politics have to do with this, since actual legislation exists that keeps FWD from participating? He admits that in the rest of this letter, so what is his point about politics in the first sentence? When will FWD just admit they didn’t have all the facts before they leaped in? The whole video of this Alluvial water district meeting makes me cringe. the reason you are being questioned on all this is because the public cannot trust you to make proper decisions, and you just keep on screwing up every step of the way, and then you just want us to trust you again. not gonna happen. so I am sorry that all the good you are trying to do for “mankind” may not get done. maybe you should hit reset and start fresh with regular people, instead of you elected officials.

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