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WAND’s I-Team talks about Township spending –


WAND’s Investigative Reporter Doug Wolfe highlighted the spending habits of some Illinois Townships.

We are proud to be a part of this story.

Watch the video:

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  1. Good for you bringing this out now. Five years ago you were sent a packet of this very thing happening in Arcola Township now as we read in the paper they are wanting to raise the tax levy once again and they have still not answered any of those concerns that the taxpayers had then. Just try to get records from that taxing body, they will fight to the end with your tax dollars. As Aware in Arcola has said the 2 main players have had their way for 30 years. Just ask what payroll expenses might be versus road work? Or what is a Comfort Station?

  2. I Team should look at Arcola Twp. They have over $50,000.00 of $2500.00 and under not listed on their annual statement.Anybody recall the credit cards used on the motorcycle trip to 3 states taken by the Arcola Twp. Office Manger?Might want to look into Arcola Doug;the 2 main Players running the Twp. have been there for 30 years.